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I believe as a blogger eel, its my obligation to let all GENUINE EELS aware about anti-fans whose been stirring chaos and in attempt to try manipulate us.

An article posted at with a headline " Korean Wave Fakery: Phony Japanese Fans Paid to Greet Jang Geun-suk " It says this article source from  japanprobe


South Korean actor Jang Geun-suk visited Japan this week. Media reports about his visit emphasized the fact that about 800 fans gathered to greet him on his arrival at Haneda Airport. Even Jang was surprised by the overwhelming evidence of his popularity in Japan:
“I was honestly worried that there might be an accident within the crowd because there were so many people there to greet me,” he said, expressing concern for the fans present.
“Honestly, it’s pretty scary. It just happened so fast; I gained a lot of fans in such a short amount of time,” he said about his new popularity in Japan.
800 fans at the airport is pretty impressive when you compare it to the greetings that other international stars have received. When Lady Gaga arrived at Narita Airport a couple weeks ago, about 200 fans were there to greet her. Johnny Depp, who is enormously popular in Japan, was greeted by a mere 400 fans when he visited Japan earlier this year.
The secret of the Jang’s huge fan gathering was revealed when a photograph of a flier found its way onto the internet

It is recruiting women to participate in the greeting event at Haneda Airport. A reward of 2,000 yen (about $25) was offered to each “fan” who attended the event.
According to an article on Livedoor, there were some diehard fans who showed up out of genuine excitement. Many others, however, were paid. Some people found out about it through the fliers, while others were veteran members of event mailing lists. People who replied to the 2,000 yen job offer were driven to the airport on two special buses. While on the buses, the phony fans were given Jang Geun-suk merchandise to wave around when the media filmed them.
One participant said the buses carried about 80 paid fans to the airport. Combined with the legitimate fans, there probably weren’t much more than 100 people gathered for the event. One of the event promoters walked around declaring that 800 fans had come to greet Jang, and the media didn’t bother to verify the claim.


#1 It was said that " A reward of 2,000 yen (about $25) was offered to each “fan” who attended the event." Just so you know, the price offered (2000 Yen) is too low to motivate randoms girls to go to airport & wait for him .Even transit fees cost half of that. I demand those who were paid, appear publicly and say 'I was paid!' If there isn't any, this is a FRAUD! 

#2 It was said "phony fans were given Jang Geun-suk merchandise to wave around when the media filmed them." Then if this is true, why does paid-fans go all the way,troubling themselves taking out camera or hand-phone so that the can capture JKS arrival moment? (refer Image 1) Why don't just sit back & relax while waving JKS merchandise???

#3 During J Plus photo exhibition, they were so many eels lined up eventhough JKS didn't appear there. Is that phony visitors too???!! 

#4 During Meet & Greet in Thailand, there were thousand of eels flooding in Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok). Is that phony too???!! 

#5 Why we only hear about this in Japan and not other countries (that JKS has visited)???! If I'm not mistaken, I've heard that some Japaneses believe that Japanese can only love Japanese star. Thus, JKS bizarre popularity is something some Japanese can't tolerate with.  

#6 If JKS did invite phony fans, then he must be super rich, however why JKS is not listed in THE RICHEST CELEBRITIES IN KOREA??? Instead from a survey, among those been listed was Bae Young Jun (another Hallyu Star who create massive impact in Japan)

#7 There has been claimed that JKS single Let Me Cry top in Oricon chart was a fake. Then is SNSD-Taxi was a fake too???! Then by saying that, doesn't that ruin the credibility of Oricon??

#8 Do explain this if you think these are fake too:

JKS Japanese debut single sold 119k during the first week on Oricon.
JKS met 17,000 fans at his fan meetings in Japan last winter. (Fukuoka: 2500, Sapporo: 2500, Gobe: 2000, Yokohama: 5000 X2)
JKS met 18,000 fans at his showcase in March this year. (sold out)
The number of JKS fans on Mixi is currently over 50k.

JKS is planning an arena tour this October.

Tree J is now looking into this matter and is trying to investigate. 

By saying all these above, I'm not trying to pour oils into burning fire,however I still need to stand my opinions or else those who's been spreading rumors about JKS will continue doing so. Probably you are not into JKS,probably you are big fan of Lady Gaga or Johnny Deep, but that doesn't give you the privilege to made up lies and manipulate the REAL STORY. Please stop doing this if you have no concrete evidence. Sorry to say but this is cheap.

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Anonymous said...

yep, that's false ! I know very well Japanese women because I lived in Japan for several years. Japanese will do everything for the one that they love !

Don't say JGS, I --who just a normal foreigner south east Asian student-- had almost 10 people of Japanese friends who came for me to say goodbye early morning in the bus stop that brought me to Kansai Airport 5 years ago.

The one who spread the rumor has no knowledge at all about Japan !