Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Tweets (2): You're My Pet~

Hi cri~

Message: 숨어있는 장근석군 찾기~~어디 있을까~~~~~요? 영화 너는펫 촬영현장입니다! 

Translation: Find the hidden Jang Keun Suk~~ Where is he~~~? Filming of "You're My Pet"!


Message: 장어들아 모두 함께 힘을 모아 헤엄쳐라!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 퐈이아!!!!!!!!!!!! By 근석

Translation: Eels, let's face all the challenges together! Let's swim together(?) Fire!!!!!!!!! By Keun Suk 

Source: treeJ_company + sa-sha26(translator)

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