Eel Dictionary

Hi all~

Welcome to EEL Dictionary.

You probably be wondering what is this about. Well, I've came up with this idea as I realize there are lots of "codes" that eels normally use in their daily conversation. Thus, I want to list up all of it (will try my best^^) so that new eel wouldn't have hard time to catch up!
  1. JKS= Jang Keun Suk (장근석)
  2. Eel= JKS's fan
  3. wuri Prince = our Prince (refer to JKS)
  4. castle on fire = JKS sent message to his fans at official Korea website (
  5. bullet = money (I guess JKS use this because bullet kills and so does money, hehehee :D )
  6. Princess = JKS's dog
  7. Suni = JKS dog's name. Her full is: Sophie Marcella Antoinette Suni
  8. Tree-J = JKS company
  9. HS Media = organization that handles JKS Asia Tour (except in Japan)
  10. Frauinter = organization that handles JKS Japan Tour (
  11. Lounge H (LH) = party!!! haha well, it's party-like event from JKS to his fans
  12. cri = critical and always goes with Hi cri! or Bye cri! (JKS signature/trademark)
  13. HYU = Hanyang University (where JKS study)
  14. tweel = tweeting among eels
  15. Geun Night/ Geun Noon / Geun Morning = to greet by replacing  'Good' with 'Geun'
  16. FM= Fan Meeting,JKS meets up at closer radius with his fans.
  17. CF= Commercial Filming,JKS films for any advertisement that has been endorsed.
  18. SC= Showcase, to introduce his album (concert-like)
  19. PV = promotional video
  20. MV = music video
  21. EO= event organizer (this is usually related to JKS FM/LH)
  22. Cri Show = Asia Tour 2011 (in 2011,JKS named his Asia Tour as Cri Show :D )
  23. (T)short form for time e.g SKT (South Korea Time), JT (Japan Time), MYT (Malaysia Time) etc.
  24. YAB = You're Beautiful/ He's Beautiful/ Minamishineyo
  25. YMP = You're My Pet/ Kimmi Wa Petto
  26. BB = Big Brother / DJ Kurt (JKS friend)
  27. Geunsama = Manager Kim Byung Khan (right most manager)