Sunday, 3 July 2011

Top Gear Korea Season 1 Starts in August 2011

Hi cri~

Have you ever watch Top Gear series before? Yes? Well, if you do then you should know how amusing and entertaining the show was (I watch U.K (BBC) version) . If you never watch it before, what's holding you? Do now! can wait for this August because our Prince will be appear in the show!!

Top Gear Korea follows the local spin-offs of TV hit series Top gear in Australia and the United States. In August 2011 South Korea will see the first season of 13 episodes of Top Gear Korea.
The show will be hosted by former professional racing driver Kim Jin-Pyo, car and bike enthusiast Kim Kap-Soo, and celebrity racing circuit member Yeon Jung-Hoon. Planned for an August premiere on a channel called XTM, the 13 episodes will feature their own Stig and challenges such as a race against the KTX bullet train and a journey from Seoul to the port city of Busan.

Awww.. I just love guys & engine!! Damn hot!! Lalalalalaaa~ :D


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