Sunday, 3 July 2011

JKS autographed photo for FREE!!!

Hi cri~

Easy Magazine is honored to give you free JKS autographed photo.

For this upcoming Jang Keun Suk Cri Show (July 9th), Easy Magazine prepared a special gifts for eels - Jang Keun Suk autographed photo to be given away!! All you need to do is:

①  mention @Easy_Magazine (in Weibo)

② forward (microblogging) to THREE(3) friends and include your Cri Show message

③ send your contact information via private letter to Easy Magazine

7月9日,张根硕上海FM举办之际,《Easy》特意为鳗鱼们准备了仅此一份的大礼哦~~~张小帅亲笔签名照即将在本周送出。你只需要:① 关注@Easy_Magazine ② 转发给3位好友并送上对此次FM的祝福 ③把你的联系方式私信给我们(请注明索取的是张根硕签名照)~~~~只有一张哦,鳗鱼们抢起来吧!

All of these can be done in Weibo. 

Easy Magazine Weibo account:

Good luck cri~

Source: easy_magazine@weibo

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