Monday, 11 July 2011

Journal of Men's Non No shooting

Hi cri~

Men's Non-No is a Japanese magazine and the staff updated some behind the scenes photos for the magazine shooting in their blog. Check these out:

In JW Marriot Seoul, our accommodation 

Dinner at Korea Ginseng Chicken Soup which is open for 24hours

The next morning, we have meeting before the shooting start. In photo is the stylist assistant.

Unfortunate, there is heavy congested traffic due to heavy rain. Finally arrive in studio

Mr.Qin - the photographer says "So cool!"

Makoto Fujimura and Mr.Yu  (AD Magazine stylist)

"I look good in this cloth" , "I look cute"

The star of the day is the hot topic :D

Grab the girl's heart, confident, every move and facial expression is charming. Not only that, he has sense of fashion and makes shooting progress is very excellent. He also fluent in Japanese.

Commemorative photo with the staffs

With Mr. Shin Yu

And Geun Suk autographed with a message:

すけじゃね'さんへ・・・・!もう、めちゃくちゃレアでしょう! 大事にしようね。

Grilling meat

Some souvenir from Geun Suk - An autographed CD and stuffed toy of Geun Suk's dog

Translation by : Biskuteel (with the help of Google Translate)

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