Thursday, 14 July 2011

Step-by-step to purchase SEOUL CRI SHOW ticket!!

Hi cri~

An eel (ID: Rose) asked me about this few days ago but I didn't notice her comment (Miahne) but lucky her, today when I checked the comment section, is the exact same day the details about Seoul Cri Show came out :D

Here for Rose and all eels who planned to attend Seoul Cri Show (it should be a great one, beside its on JKS birthday month :D )

(Pssst: Aphrael also write about Rose in her blog, LOLz~ Rose dear, you are famous now, kekee)

1. Performance: 2011 JKS Asia Tour – The Cri Show Last in Seoul
2. Venue: Olympics Hall
3. Time: 7 August 2011, 4.00 pm
4. Pre-order at:
5. Pre-order from 18 July 2011 (12.00 am) – refer to official members’ notice
Public sale from 21 July 2011 (6.00 pm)
6. Ticket price
- R category: 88,000 won
- S category: 66,000 won
7. One person is limited to purchase of 4 tickets.
8. Agent for purchase: Japanese official website
9. Agent for purchase: HS Media (
How to register and buy on Korean website
1. Go to this website
2. Join as member.
If you are successful, you will see the following screen.
3. To buy a ticket at this website
* Please note that this website is not open yet.
Source: + cutecute (on behalf of Rose request :) )


Rose said...

Hi biskuteel, thank you very much for taking my comments and helping me out with this. now the problem I have is to get the ticket on 18-20/Jul because I'm not a Cri-J member yet. May I ask if you will be able to help?

biskuteel said...

Hi Rose :)

Unfortunately I'm not Cri J member yet...I'm still newbie eel (officially an eel on Januar 2011 :P ) However, here is my suggestion...

1) Where do you from? Maybe you can asked those from same country as you buy for you. Besides this will make it more easier to both you & your country FC coz u probably wanna plan to stay in same place & book same air ticket :)

2)From previous experience, usually (not 100%) be eel whom be selling her ticket due certain circumstances, so maybe u wanna try your luck this way but I must remind you, there is no guarantee this will occur or if there is so, you can't choose your seat dear.

I'm sorry I can't help you much, but if let say I know a way to help u, I'll have you informed ^.~)

becky said...

Hi biskuteel, my friend's friend has ask me to help buy ticket for her and her friends. i can help but would like to know whether i need to show my passport when collecting ticket? Cri J staff reply very slow or dont reply at all to non-korean language. Thanks in advance. :)

Rose said...

Hi there, I'm from Malaysia. I have also gotten a Cri-J member to help buy the ticket for me. However, she will not be attending, so would really appreciate to know if change of name or buying ticket on behalf is required?

Rose said...

I meant to ask whether buying on behalf is allowed?