Monday, 4 July 2011

Many many tweets!!!

Hi cri~

Tweeting alarm alerting again....

Big Brother been tweeting alot since yesterday, which make all of us happy. Plus, the excitement driven over by treeJ daily dose photo, kekeke :D

@bigbrother: Every day i am shuffling!!!!!!!

@bigbrother: gotta getcha MV Now!!

@bigbrother: 의사와 환자

Translation: doctor & patient 
(biskuteel: LOLz, I wonder how  both of them end up in OT room :D )

Same photo were tweeted from both tree J & big brother, only the orientation is different ;)t

@treeJ_company: 장근석군과 빅브라더의 Team h !! 그런데 이 곳에서 무슨일이벌어지고있는걸까요??

Translation: Jang & Big Brother Team H group!! But I wonder what's going on here? (Biskuteel: ROFL!! I wonder the same!! These two now turn from Actor Jang to Patient Jang & DJ Kurt to Dr.Kurt) 

-because the photo was tweeted upside down, so I shared it in original position,kekeke :D -

Source: bigbrothersound + treeJ_company

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