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Panda9: The Cri Show!! [FA]

Hi cri~

All these photos are official photos from Zegda ^ ^)


Ok, I’m going to take a shortcut again. I’ll not be posting a separate fan account, but rather putting my comments on some of these wonderful pics taken from various sources.
To sum up in a few words, the Cri Show ran as expected in terms of programme, and I suppose JKS was very high. To me at the personal level though, the day 9 July can only be described as a day of suffering and disappointment.
When daydreaming and I arrived on Saturday at the Show venue at around 1 pm plus, there were already long queues for the standing zones A to D (we were in C), and we knew there was little hope of getting a good standing position unless we could be as hardworking as the first eel who started queueing at 5 am! …. Chinese eels are very industrious …
The admission queue in front of me …

Also, we wanted to get the new merchandise item, a cushion cover with a new JKS pic from the Jplus photo-book on it, but it had already sold out, so we joined the admission queue, and bought some little snack from the venue’s adjoining supermarket as lunch.
The one thing I’m very grateful for though, is Shanghai’s weather. I almost wanted to cancel my Shanghai trip, for weather predictions had reached a maximum of 37 degrees, and being in a warm place for any time longer than 5 minutes will trigger my skin allergy towards heat. I almost planned to hide in the air-conditioned hotel room or shopping malls. It was extremely fortunate for me that Shanghai was mostly cloudy for the entire duration of my trip, and temperature was fine.
And so it was on Saturday too, with cloudy weather and a bit of rain, which was probably why there were no instances of eels fainting or having a stroke during the long outdoor queue. It was very tiring to stand for hours, and opportunistic Chinese vendors peddled small plastic stools or more durable and foldable stools. So I bought a stool at RMB10 and because another KSC eel was moving around, so she also loaned us her stool, as a result daydreaming and I could sit down most of the time during the tedious long wait.
Below is me on my plastic stool with a JKS recycling bag containing the unofficial JKS merchandise I bought and my bought-in-Shanghai pretty white sandals.

Also outside the venue, various vendors had set up makeshift stalls (i.e. plastic sheets on the ground) with an assortment of unofficial JKS merchandise on it for quite cheap prices. I bought lots of A4 and A3 photo posters and this is my favourite purchase – a fabric bag with a cute JKS cartoon on it.
9 July also happened to be the first day of my menses. I was already prepared with my Panadol, so when the first signs of pain started, I took a pill at 5.45 pm. Usually, the painkiller would take effect after 30 minutes, but I didn’t expect that the pain did not go away, and so I had to take a second one at 6.15 pm. I hope daydreaming wasn’t scared by my condition, but I was in such excruciating pain that daydreaming asked if I wanted to go back to the hotel. Of course, I wasn’t in any state to move at all, and having gone to Shanghai just for the Cri Show, who would want to miss it?
Another lucky thing for me was that the KSC eel who had loaned us her stool had come back to join us in the queue, and besides being one of the leaders from Jiang-su province, she’s a qualified Chinese physician! She’s a very kind, friendly and pretty girl, and I was very touched by her concern. She even helped to press some acupuncture points on my arms and legs in an effort to relieve my pain. It wasn’t very effective but I am really grateful to her for being so kind. Would have to find a way to contact her again to convey my thanks.
At this point, finally the security started to admit people into the venue. Despite requests to enter in an orderly fashion, the mad rush up the flight of stairs to the venue started as everyone was eager to get the best possible standing/viewing position. I told daydreaming to go ahead and I’d join her later. So I moved to one side and waited out the pain, still sitting on my stool. I couldn’t care if I looked pathetic! When the pain had almost gone and I felt like I could move again, it was around 7 pm. I walked into the venue leisurely. As it was an indoor stadium, the ground was actually that of a basketball court. Those who had rushed in earlier were all crowding towards the stage, almost impossible for me to squeeze in, so together with the others who either came late or simply gave up due to the squeeze, I just sat at the back of the rather spacious area and waited for the show to start.
And by the way, for those who plan to go to any of JKS’ performance in China in future, for your information, let’s just say that all the rules and regulations stated by HS Media before the start of the Cri Show are simply … something you can ignore. What’s that about only the official Cri-J lightstick being allowed in the venue? Everyone could use whatever lightstick they wanted. What’s that about no photography/videography allowed? Many people brought their cameras and the more exaggerating thing is, some brought in their DSLR camera. The security at the door did not even conduct any check at all. After some days in Shanghai and after hearing various experiences from daydreaming who had visited China often, my conclusion is, if you’re in China, don’t bother following “such” stated rules and regulations unless the China police is involved, because rules are there to be ignored. I should have brought my camera too, but I didn’t.
Anyway, back to the Cri Show. The long queue during the day was absolutely needless. Even Ferlyn, Ning and Dorothy who started queueing at 10 am plus could not get a good standing position. Quite a lot of the eels felt that the RMB 1,280 ticket was the worst VIP ticket ever. From my standing position at the back of the area (I tried to squeeze in during the Show to try to get some videos, which maybe I’ll release later as my home internet is down too), I hardly got to see JKS, except for a few times when he moved to the front-most end of the central stage extension when he was about an estimated 5 metres away from me, and sometimes I could not even see the big screen. Well, besides the fact that there were lots of people in front, the other factor is that most of these said girls were all wearing extremely high platform shoes or heels (another necessary equipment if you’re in a standing zone – anything lower than heels and if you’re not a tall person means that your line of vision would be severely blocked). Yes, there were 2 other screens at the side, but they were not as bright as the central screen. I should have gotten the RMB 880 seat which was on either sloping side of the stage; at least I would get to see JKS and the stage clearly.
With the crowd and the multitude of hands / cameras / lightsticks / flags being waved in the air which meant that most of the time I couldn’t see JKS / screen / stage clearly, this is (to me) the worst of the Shows I have attended, even worse than Bangkok with the standing zone. I wasn’t feeling high at all. The whole thing felt like a waste.
The only good thing about attending this Show is that one still gets to hear his voice, his singing etc and what saved this from becoming an entirely fruitless trip is that I got to see and experience again JKS’ little personal touches of consideration. He would do or say something which would make me go, oh he’s soooo sweet …, such as the part below about him taking the initiative to walk out to the stage extension to hear the fan more clearly, trying to contain his laughter at the emcee, hearing him say that he wants to become the Prince of Asia and hoping that all of us will be with him the day that he achieves his dream …. JKS, wherever you go and however long it takes, rest assured because we will be there with you …
(p.s. for those who are not up to long waits / queues, believe me, those of us who were there in the standing zone have all sworn off standing zones and in future, will get tickets with seat numbers)
Demonstrating his shuffle dance
Giving all a sneak peak at his half-naked pics in Jplus photo-book

JKS was laughing so hard when the emcee imitated his character’s lines from the drama. He said the emcee was too “oily”, like ah ahjoshi (uncle).
Hwang Tae-kyung’s cool look
The 1st girl picked by JKS in the lucky draw to answer a question is very tall – she is 1.88 m tall. We spoke to the girl when we were queueing outside too. The emcee joked that she was boy because of her height – terrible of him!
JKS could not hear the girl’s answer because of the crowd’s noise and he was so far away from the girl, so he picked up the lucky draw box and signalled to the other two to walk out to the stage extension so that they could hear the girl
’s answer. Isn’t he so sweet and considerate?

JKS asking several fans (in turn) what the waistlength of HTK. Someone hit the answer by guessing 28!

Lounge H

Spraying and being sprayed – the Chinese eels prepared tons of mineral water, haha~!
Before singing “My Precious”

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