Monday, 4 July 2011


Hi cri~

Our daily VitaminSuk arrive early today, keke :D

Message: 22시간의 긴 촬영을 마친 장근석군 오늘도 고생 많이했어요!! 긴 시간 촬영에도지침없이 스텝들을 기분좋게 만들어 주는 그의 힘!!장어들의 응원이 절실하겠군요^^ 기대해주세요~~!

Translation:  Jang Keun Suk just finished 22 hours of shooting, hard work today. Even though shooting in long hours, he wasn't tired even for a bit, the staff was so happy with that spirit! It must be the cheering from eels. Please stay tune ~~!

(Biskuteel: Awww...That is so sweet!! Today I'm having a busy schedule too & because I saw my Prince working so hard, I'm going to be the same :) )

Source: treeJ_company + sa_sha26

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