Saturday, 2 July 2011

First Rate Entertainment-interview with Mickey Huang [ENG+CN sub]

Hi cri~

Note from Aphrael77: There is a good reason why Mickey Huang is well-known in Taiwan – he’s one of the best emcees around! Look at his natural interaction with JKS, I think JKS is also comfortable with Mickey having been interviewed by him before.
Love this interview. Mickey asks some, er, interesting questions too, like which part of his body JKS washes first when bathing!! And Mickey and his team really made the effort to source for gifts that JKS would like ^^And JKS shares with fans some of his life philosophy ….

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Anonymous said...

Thank You NaKa..Happy with this interview Jang Kuen Suk relax and laugh all the time..

biskuteel said...

Thank you too, for dropping by at my blog =)

Among of all his interview, this is one of my favorite! ^O^