Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Panda13: JasonJang@weibo update!!

Hi cri~

Message: 在外滩吃brunch~ so relax~ haha in love wid SH 大家辛苦了 感谢!

Translation: Having brunch~ So relax~ haha in love with Shanghai

(Biskuteel: FYI, the tall tower at the back is Shanghai Pearl Tower. Just in case any eel dropping by in Shanghai later, you should take photo here because 'Actor Jang was here' kekke :D )

Message: 张演员来了hs上海办公室!哈哈 我们以你来为主!충성!! 하하

Translation: Actor Jang visit HS Media office in Shanghai

(Biskuteel: Not sure why Jason-sshi is holding his stomach, LOLz)

Message: hs media和tree j万岁!张根帅万万岁!@田子坊hs media

Translation: HS Media and Tree J! Hooray! Long live handsome Geunsama at 田子坊 (HS Media office)
(Biskuteel: Did you notice wuri Prince there? It doesn't look like he's taking photo, I'm guessing he's playing mobile game, kekee :D )

If Sukkie in Japan, he will use jksjapan. If Sukkie in China, he will use weibo. If Sukkie at wherever, he will use treeJ_company!! \\^O^// Thank you for always keep us updated on your whereabout :D 

Source: JasonJang@weibo

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