About Editor

Hi cri~

This whole section would be my 5-minute hall of fame, kekee 

I become JKS loyal eel since end of 2010. Although, I knew him  since YAB aired,but because I was still studying my bachelor that time, and hostel internet is very limited, thus, I'm not able to catch up about him.

However, when Marry Me Mary air at KBS World, the wildness heat rock on again. I start to search a lot about him and make friends with many other eels. Eels offered a warm loving friendship and it was all time great.

For a blogger,whats make us happy is that we are able to share info with everyone who visit us here. To me, as an eel, I'm happy if I can share the excitement of being an eel & updates as much possible about JKS ^^) However,I'm not perfect and there's still more to improve. I'm hoping that,if I did inform & share wrong info, please advice me by dropping a comment so that I can correct my mistakes. By that, we can benefit each others. Thank you again & I do hope you enjoy your time exploring my blog. 

If you are a newbie (like me) you would find that JKS offered so many interesting values that you would be charmed by him. I quote what JKS once said "Once you fall for me, you forever love me" and its true!! If you don't believe it, read my updates to see it for yourself, kekeke~

you JUST DRAG my heart with your smile..ah..what a MAGIC DRAG!
no matter where i'll be,even when riding MY BUS,all i think is
when will i say HELLO-HELLO to you? oh jang geun suk, WHAT SHOULD I DO? you never LET ME CRY, but only lead me a HAPPY LIFE. a life FULL OF SUNSHINE!! i wanna meet you,so that we can MAKE MEMORIES!! i know WE CAN MAKE IT!!
no matter how much TIME OF WAITING needed, i GOTTA GETCHA!! this I PROMISE YOU

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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