Sunday, 10 July 2011

Panda5: Jason Jang update photos @weibo

Hi cri~

Jason, the HS Media CEO update few photos in his Weibo account. Weibo is almost similar to our Facebook/Twitter. 

Message: 来了来了 He is coming!! 哈哈 准备high了吗?这次enjoy一下享受一下中国!上海!oh yeah~~

Translation: He is coming, come come!! Ha ha Are you ready to feel high yet? Chinese enjoy enjoy! Shanghai! Oh yeah~ ~

Message: 在limo啦 鳗鱼们很配合 准备去吃饭啦!

Translation: Friend in limo ready to eat every eels!!

Message: 福利 하하하 好吃

Translation: Delicious welfare, ha ha ha

Message: 累死了 睡觉了 为了明天精彩演出 晚安 bye cri~ haha 明天见!对了 今天抽奖没选中的鳗鱼们 收到福利了吗 哈哈 晚安

Translation: Too exhausted, need to sleep and ready for tomorrow night wonderful performance bye cri~ haha See you tomorrow!  Not selecting a draw today, the eels had received some benefit ha ha Good night

Message: 今天cri show从nude来开始?哈哈 可不可以?

Translation: Today cri show going to start with nude? Ha ha Can  or not?

Message: 你们发英语或日语或韩语吧 根硕想自己看懂 给他你们的power!! 他亲子看的!

Translation: You can post in English, Japanese or Korean, Keun Suk himself will understand. Show him your power!! He read it personally! 

(biskuteel: damn, I missed this >.<)

Message: 你们等很辛苦了 彩排好了 吃了你们准备的饭 好吃!이제 곧 만나요~~

Translation: All of you waited long enough, finished rehearsal. Eating the food you've prepared for me. Yummy! See you soon!

Message: 我在吃饭 鳗鱼们你们吃饭了吗?哈哈 맛있네 ㅋㅋ

Translation: I'm eating now... Eels, have you eaten? Yummy! Hahaha

Message: 我是bb 谢谢你们 吃完饭后再shuffling! Oh yeah!

Translation: I'm BB, thank you all~ After dinner than shuffling! Oh Yeah!

Message: jason吃得太多!哈哈

Translation: Jason eat too much! HA HA

Message: 돼지와함께ㅡ by근석

Translation: With pig- by Geun Suk
(Biskuteel: Lolz!! :D :D )

Source: JasonJang@weibo

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