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Instead of making entries like I used to do for others Cri Show, I dedicate this special column for Malaysia Cri Show to show how excited I am about JKS being in my hometown-Malaysia. Since this is his first time visit I do hope he will look forward to visit us again in nearer future.
Because I combined everything in single page, you shouldn't expect it will be short one. Take your time to read, but I PROMISE YOU it would be an enjoyment cruise :)


His message touch my heart to a point I almost feel like crying. Reading it make me feel "how is it possible to stop loving you Sukkie?" ^__^ In beginning, I was so worried, JKS might feel abit upset or disappointed as MY Cri Show faced so many circumstances. But after reading this special message, everything sooth down, thank you love for a lovely message :)

I'm so proud to have a show in 2011, The Cri Show.. I'm so happy.. It is my first time in Malaysia and I am more than welcome here by the fans and I appreciate it so much.. This stage is consider quite small but you have no idea how fun I had.. I think you guys made the show bigger.. And thank you so much for being here with me.. This show reminds me of my first fan meeting in japan.. This show started small but you all made this show big.. And I am so big in Asia because of you.. This show puts me back to the memories of the first fan meeting.. Now I foind out why I can never get rest.. So till I die I'll never stop.. And I hope you guys will be there for me.. Thank you Malaysia.. Thank you to you guys.. I just want to say thank you so much.. We can meet again next time right? Wherever you go, if you wait for me, I'll be there.. Because you guys are my precious.." (jkssmile)


Bintang 2 Ballroom at J.W. Marriot HotelKuala Lumpur was packed with adoring and adrenaline-pumped fans of Jang Geun Suk’s on June 4, 2011 (Sat).
Although the event was scheduled to kick off at 4pm, fans of all ages from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan started pouring in as early as 10 am.
Everyone was eager  to meet their favourite hallyu actor/singer/model  who is famous for his characters as Hwang Tae Kyung in “You’re Beautiful” (미남이시네요) andKang Mu Gyeol in “Marry Me, Marry!” (매리는 외박중)
janggeunsuk Photo 1 Jang Geun Suk (장근석) in Malaysia: The Fan Signing and Photo Session
Jang Geun Suk’s Asia Tour: The CRI Show LIVE in Malaysia
Around 400 die-hard fans of baby-faced Jang Geun Suk screamed “Jang Geun Suk, aku cinta padamu!” (Jang Geun Suk, I love you!) with enthusiasm at 4.30pm as soon as he walked into the ballroom with his killer smile and piercing eyes.
Despite having an interpreter next to him, Jang, surprisingly, spoke very good English throughout the event – introducing himself and expressing his excitement and anticipation about the event and his Asia Tour: The CRI Show – LIVE in Malaysiathat evening.
janggeunsuk Photo 2 Jang Geun Suk (장근석) in Malaysia: The Fan Signing and Photo Session
Fans of all ages waiting in anticipation for the arrival of their hallyu idol
When asked what he thought of Malaysian girls, Prince Hwang (Tae Kyung) a.k.a Kang Mu Gyeol cheekily replied, “Sexy!” The audience, who mostly were Malaysian and (of course!) female fans, roared wildly upon hearing him.
janggeunsuk Photo 3 Jang Geun Suk (장근석) in Malaysia: The Fan Signing and Photo Session
Malaysian girls?? Sexy-licious icon wink Jang Geun Suk (장근석) in Malaysia: The Fan Signing and Photo Session
Before the much awaited Fan Signing and Photo Session began, Jang was presented with a huge beautifully wrapped gift box. Opening the box, Jang was amazed to find three different pressies from his Malaysian fan club: a photo album of his ardent fans, a scrapbook filled with his pictures and two pewter wine glasses. He was obviously smitten by each of the precious gifts and thanked his fans profusely for their support.
janggeunsuk Photo 4 Jang Geun Suk (장근석) in Malaysia: The Fan Signing and Photo Session
Hmmm… a mysteriously looking box in the middle of the stage. 
Could there be a person inside it? icon razz Jang Geun Suk (장근석) in Malaysia: The Fan Signing and Photo Session
Approximately 300 fans who purchased the ticket for the Photo Session were put in groups and had an unforgettable moment being photographed with their favourite K-Pop idol on that day. Several fans took advantage of this session to hand over gifts to their idol.
Another 100 fans who opted for Jang’s autograph instead had the opportunity to be up-close and personal with him while he signed his posters.  They certainly had a fantastic time chatting with him briefly.  I wondered if those who paid for the Photo Session regretted not opting for the Autograph Session.
janggeunsuk Photo 5 Jang Geun Suk (장근석) in Malaysia: The Fan Signing and Photo Session
Wassup, Malaysia? Say ‘kimchi’ ~ ^^
janggeunsuk Photo 6 Jang Geun Suk (장근석) in Malaysia: The Fan Signing and Photo Session
The one who warmed and melted the heart of his every fan…
Despite being tired with his busy schedule, Jang never failed to smile during the event, making everyone feel comfortable with his friendly gestures.  Fans, for sure, felt his warmth and love throughout the event, and looked forward to rocking the stage with him later that night.
The Fan Signing and Photo Session was followed by The CRI Show: LIVE in Malaysia at the Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).  Fans who showed up were surprised as Rhythmland, the event organizer, was kind enough to provide coaches to transport them from J.W. Marriot Hotel to the concert venue.



“Malaysian fans make me crazy, high and hot”, says the versatile Korean performer. Jang Keun Suk performed for his fans at Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center on 4th June 2011.

It was his very first visit to Malaysia and the 24 year-old confessed that what seemingly started off as a “small show”, turned out to be such a great experience for himself. He was overwhelmed by the show of love from his Malaysian fans and his experience here brought back fond memories of his very first fan meeting in Japan.

Earlier, the star met up with more than 500 VIP and VVIP fans showing them an awesome time and exhibited top notch fan service at a special fan signing and photo session.

The CRI Show differs from the rest because the 24 year-old talent portrayed different characters through-out the night and showed us his versatility as an entertainer. He performed a total of 10 songs in the two-part show which lasted a good two and a half hours. Definitely giving fans a huge dose of Jang Keun Suk.

He charmed his fans with his witty and down-to-earth personality, serenaded them with his love ballads and transported the crowd to party at Lounge H with DJ Big Brother (Kurt Jung).

Introducing the singer Jang Keun Suk

The CRI Show Live in Malaysia started in good time and Jang Keun Suk came on stage in a dapper suit singing Let Me Cry and Oh My Darling (오 마이 달링).

MC for the night Owen Yap and an interpreter appeared on stage for the short chat sessions with Jang. However, Jang who is fluent in both English and Japanese only needed the interpreter when he wanted to express himself better by using his native Korean.

The entire part 1 of the show had Jang performing his songs with short intermittent breaks for interview sessions and a Q&A game.

In the first chat session, Jang Keun Suk thanked his fans for making his debut album “Let Me Cry” so successful. The album has sold 17,000 copies so far.

He also told fans that he is currently in the midst of filming a movie You’re My Pet back in Seoul. “It’s still very cold back in Korea, but it’s hot here in Malaysia.” says Jang.

When asked, why does he call the show “The CRI (pronounced “cree”) Show”? Jang explains, “Cri is an abbreviation of the word critical. I just love to use the word CRI and want to show the critical side of myself, for my EELS (fans) all over the world.”

J Diary & J in Europe

Fans were given a sneak preview of Jang’s 45-minute short movie of himself in Europe. J Diary is an artistic short movie that shows details of the emotions he feels when he is looking for love. It definitely shows off the romantic side of JKS, and fans get a good 45-minute of screen time alone, with Jang. The film was shot in various parts of Europe like Budapest, Belgium and United Kingdom.

Next, they show a couple of stills of J in Europe and fans scream with excitement. In one particular shot where Jang was on a bicycle wearing a red suit, he commented “People in Europe saw this and thought I was gay. Don’t worry, it’s just the concept. I’m straight.” Oh, thank God for that!

When asked by MC Owen Yap to name the best place to visit in South Korea, Jang replies “Han River, Insadong and my home, my bed, my kitchen…living room”. The star would love for his fans to get to know him more.

Marry Me, Mary – Kang Mu Kyul
In the next session, Jang dressed in an Indie rock outfit and sang songs from the drama Marry Me, Mary (Mary Was Out All Night). He sang My Bus (부탁해) and Hello Hello.

Jang is very similar to his character in the drama because he would like to be free and easy like Kang Mu Kyul.

Do you want to get married as early as Kang Mu Kyul? His answer, is “Yes, I want to get married as early as possible.”

When asked which type of women he likes, Jang says he likes feminine girls – like Mary (instead of Mina in the drama).

And to the question “Are you going out with Park Shin Hye in real life?” he replies, “Honestly, I did go out with Park Shin Hye, in just the drama.” Jang is such a tease and his fans totally enjoyed the interview session.

You’re Beautiful

After taking the audience down memory lane by showing video clips of the drama You’re Beautiful, Jang appears on stage with “apple” hair, a dark coloured shirt and tailored pants, portraying the arrogant Hwang Tae Kyung.

This is when they selected three lucky fans for the YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL GIRL Q&A session. To be fair, Owen and Jang drew ticket stubbs out of a box to pick the girls. Those who answered the questions correctly, were given special souvenirs of Hwang Tae Kyung.

Jang also reveals his favourite hairstyle to his fans. He favours his longer hairstyles, right fitting pants and eyeliner!

I liked the part where Owen Yap says “This is the end for me, my script ends here. Are you sure you will be able to handle it from here.” In typical Hwang Tae Kyung manner, Jang replies curtly “Yes, no problem.”

Jang then sings Still (여전히) to mark the end of Part I of the show.

Part II : The Night of Jang Keun Suk
What happened in Part II of Jang Keun Suk’s The Cri Show was totally unexpected for me – a JKS n00b. Jang showed off his versatility by exploding on-stage, clad in white skin-tight pants, matching zipped up white leather jacket with hair tied back in a slick pony tail, dancing and rapping to Team H‘s electro-house music. The typical Korean fan meet atmosphere changed into party mode. The stage came alive with laser lights and the crowd was transported to Lounge H.

On stage with Jang was his effing partner in crime, DJ Big Brother (Kurt Jung). The pair started off with Seungriharira (승리하리라), the Lounge H theme song and followed with Gotta Getcha and Shake It.

Big Brother was manning the DJ station, spinning and scratching the turntable while Jang woed the crowd with his dancing and cheeky antics.

At one point, Jang borrowed a crew’s flashlight and used it to shine at his fans like a search light, placing it close to the side of his head. He also poured water on himself and wiped it off with a fresh white towel – much to the screaming fans’ delight.

Team H actually consists of seven members, inclusive of Big Brother (BB) and Jang Keun Suk (fondly known as Sukkie to his beloved fans). H here stands for Hanyang University as they are students from the university. They come together, each bringing their own experties to organize parties and events – under the brand name Lounge H.

Jang asked his fans to wait patiently for the Team H debut album which will be released soon (as promised by Big Brother).

After the wild party, both Jang and BB disappeared back-stage and a background story of The Cri Show video clip was played on the giant screen.

Message From The Heart

“I nearly killed myself backstage” said Jang when he reappeared shortly after, dressed in a body hugging shimmering knit top.

Sitting on a high stool, Jang then proceeded to deliver a heartfelt monologue to his beloved Malaysian EELS (fans).

“This is my first time in Malaysia. Although the stage is small, I had a lot of fun tonight. You fans made the show bigger. Thank you so much for being here with me.

This show reminds me of my first fan meeting in Japan. Although it started small, you all made it big. I am big in Asia because of you.

This show in Malaysia brings back fond memories of my first fan meeting and I really appreciate it.

Tonight I found out why I can never get any rest. Till I die, I’ll never stop and I hope you guys will be there for me.

Thank you Malaysia. Thank you so much. We can meet again next time right?

Wherever you go if you wait for me, I’ll be there.

You guys are my precious. My Precious

I’ll never stop. See you soon!”

Jang proceeded to sing one of his favourite songs “My Precious” after that heart-warming farewell message.

As an encore, Jang appeared in his I ♡ Fan tee (a response to I ♡ JKS tees his fans wear) and sang “Promise”.

The CRI Show ended with a burst of streamers and Jang waved his final good-bye saying “I love you from my heart…”



(Akikochen + Dream + Aphrael)

[FAN ACCOUNT by Sasha]

4th June 2011
I arrived pretty late at JW Marriot Hotel.  I thought I wouldn’t even have chance to see Sukkie coming down to go to rehearsal. So I walked in JW Marriot, and said hi to the eels that recognized me.  I was wondering why there were so many eels at the lobby, and someone said Sukkie is coming down to go to Convention Centre for rehearsal.
I couldn’t squeeze into the crowd, so I just stood nearby the glass doors of JW Marriot Hotel. Suddenly I heard screams and cheers, Sukkie came down and was suppose to take the left glass door out, but he walked towards the right glass door, and he just walked passed me and few seconds later, I see crowd of eels running towards Sukkie, and I was pushed, squeezed and turned among the crowd, then I try to walk against the crowd, and after some time was finally out of the crowd and got some air to breathe. Ouch.
While waiting for Sukkie to come back from rehearsal, I went to Pavilion to get something to him. Well, somehow I got something. Hope he’ll like it. The Fan Sign started at 4pm. So sad that we have to sit on the floor, why don’t they provide chair for us?
After few minutes Sukkie was out on the stage. He was so charming with his white pants, and barely can believe that I am seeing him in such close distance. His voice was so sweet, the voice that I been craving to hear since 2 months ago after Singapore FM. I love his hair-do for the fan sign!!! ♥
JKSFCMSIA presented gifts to him, and he was really so happy to see the scrapbook as well as the news compilation made by me, Jun and the others. While he was looking at the news compilation, I shouted out loud “Last page!” And the other eels, started to shout “last page” as well, although they didn’t know why. Haha.  Sukkie was wondering too why last page, Why last page? Because my photo was there.  And he really turned to the last page, and took a photo with that page. Ahhh, so sweet!  ♥
He was impressed with the Royal Selangor pewter glasses and the wine. Sukkie said he seen in Korea website that we are going to gift this to him. Somehow proves that Sukkie always checked on us before he came to Malaysia. There was a balloon of Sukkie in the hall, gift by JKSFCMSIA, He laughed and commented that “I think the hair should be longer”.

First was the VIP photo session, about 10 groups of eels. This time Sukkie was kneeling down instead of standing in the group photo. I was worried about his pants getting dirty after kneeling down so many times.
Fan sign started, everyone started to queue up, and somehow I was about number 70 or 80. I can’t see what’s happening on the stage, was so damn nervous and mentally rehearsaling what am I going to say to Sukkie about 200 times. But I screwed it up! Finally it was my turn, I walked up the stage calmly, and Sukkie was looking at me.
First thing he said was “Hi Cri!”  Then I showed him my name, he said “Sasha?”
Then I took out my photoshop-ed picture, he was kinda shocked to see it, but he responded “This is photoshop right?”
I said, “Ya, photoshop!” Haha! But actually I wanted to say, “Hey you forgot we went for a photoshoot?” And that would sound stupid.
Then I forgot what he said, or I think he laughed.
I said, “I was in Singapore to see your Fan Meeting!” He said, “Oh really?!”
He said “Oh! Will I see you tonight?”
I was thinking what tonight, my mind was totally blank. Then I recalled Cri Show is tonight.
His voice is so sweet! I love to hear him speaking English and in such a close distance, can hear his words very clearly and I felt like I am in cloud nine. ♥
I replied “Oh ya, of course!”
He smiled! Killer smile, I want to faint so badly,
then I said “Thank you very much for coming to Malaysia!”
I forgot what he said again, my stupid memory is fading. I did ask for a hug from him, but he said no, cos there were still a lot of people to sign. Felt a little sad, but he did offer a hand shake. I can’t remember the feeling of holding his hand anymore T_T
Someone asked me, “Do you want the poster as well?” I said, “Yes, I want!”
Sukkie passed it to me. Everything just ended so fast, and I can’t remember much of it. I was shaking after the one-to-one moment, aigo!

The Cri Show-I was so shocked the moment I entered the hall. It was freaking huge, can fit around 2000 eels. The hall was really beautiful.  I didn’t pay attention to what time did the Cri Show started. First song was Let Me Cry as usual. Keun Suk with his black suit, so handsome! Following song was Oh My Darling, he was so cute!!
Next up was Mary Stayed Out All Night session. The MC, Owen Yap asked Sukkie a lot of questions. One of Sukkie’s answers was “Don’t worry, I am absolutely straight, I like girls!”, Mr. Owen asked him when Keun Suk would like to get married. Before he could answer, I shouted “Next Week!!” It was so loud because everyone was waiting for his answer and the MC looked at me since I was sitting at the first row. He said to me “Next week?? Must have girlfriend only can marry what!” Keun Suk was maintaining his smile and staring at me. I just smiled shyly! Well, that was somehow embarrassing.
Owen asked “What’s your best line in MSOAN?” Sukkie “You cannot like me!”  Ahhh, that Kang Mu Gyul stare!! So mesmerizing. MSOAN song was Take Care My Bus and Hello Hello. As usual, Hello Hello started off with ballad version and he paused halfway to continue with rock version. I love this part a lot!
During one of the Q&A session, Owen Yap asked Sukkie to suggest a place in Korea to Malaysian eels. I don’t know what he said, Seoul or something else.
Owen asked him if we can stay in his house if we visit Korea.
Sukkie: Uhh, I am not sure about it. Need to ask my Mother first. (He laughed)
After that was You’re Beautiful. A cute cute Hwang Tae Kyung came out, with a pony tail on his head. Fans were all screaming and he suddenly shouted “시끄러(sikkeuleo)” means shut up, something that Hwang Tae Kyung will say and he laughed.  He’s so funny! They had this mini quiz session again! 3 lucky eels were chosen to answer questions. The last eel which was so lucky to get his hug! Hwang Tae Kyung sang As Ever/Still and left the stage.
The 2nd part of Cri Show, Lounge H!! 
Party Time! JKS came out with his white shiny outfit again, so shimmering and fair and not forgetting Big Brother spinning the DJ Deck.
A funny conversation between Kurt and JKS,
JKS: Hey, what’s “fking?” why you keep using it?
Kurt: “Fking” is like very very very. You can’t say “Put your very very very hands up right?”
JKS: *laughs out loud*
Kurt: Malaysia is fking awesome!!
JKS: You’re fking cool!
JKS mentioned “fking” twice during Lounge H. First time I’ve ever heard in any cri show JKS said the F word! He’s so COOL!! I really love a care-free JKS like this. During the LH session, JKS was so high! He was totally enjoying himself. Well, splashing water was also part of it, but just throws few bottles out to the eels.  He pulled Keun-sama and Jason came out to dance. He was so fascinated with the small torch light he took from Mr. Song (Panic) and pointing at eels as a searching light.
After the end of Lounge H, everyone was shouting for an encore.
Well, JKS did not disappoint us. He came out in his shimmering blue body hugging top and said this touching words to us:
“This is my first time in Malaysia. Although the stage is small, I had a lot of fun tonight. You fans made the show bigger. Thank you so much for being here with me.
This show reminds me of my first fan meeting in Japan. Although it started small, you all made it big. I am big in Asia because of you.
This show in Malaysia brings back fond memories of my first fan meeting and I really appreciate it.
Tonight I found out why I can never get any rest. Till I die, I’ll never stop and I hope you guys will be there for me.
Thank you Malaysia. Thank you so much. We can meet again next time right?
Wherever you go if you wait for me, I’ll be there.
You guys are my precious. My Precious”

I saw his watery eyes while saying all this.  After that he sang “My Precious” totally made me cry. Tears just flow down and I can’t control anymore. He actually turned his back to wipe the corner of his eyes during “My Precious” song. He wiped his corner of his eyes 3 times, including 2 times while saying that touching speech. T_________________T
Totally touched by this man.
After he finished singing,
Sukkie: Thank you Malaysia. I’ll never stop, see you soon!
After My Precious, he came out again! I bet he feels heavy hearted to leave his Malaysian fans.  He was wearing “I LOVE FANS” shirt with a JKS towel on his head.  He sang his final song “Promise” and bid goodbye to us saying “I love you from my heart”.
As we walked out of the hall, we saw Mr. Heung Ro; this was the first time ever Mr Lee responded to our hellos and goodbyes.  He smiled as well.
The End of Cri Show Malaysia. Ahhh, I miss Keun Suk very much. ♥


[FAN ACCOUNT by Aphrael]

-part 1-

After a rather comfy coach ride overnight, we arrived in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday 4 June at 5 am, and checked in at Berjaya Times Square Hotel to take a short rest and freshen up. We were meeting Carol70 in the morning to take me to Central Market to collect something (for me to ask JKS to sign on it, which I’ll scan later when back home), then we went to JW Marriott to check in. Um, our hotel arrangement in KL was slightly complicated, as some of us had booked a room at Marriott to be closer to JKS.

We reached Marriott at 11 am, discovered a group of eels there and realised our dear JKS was going to exit the hotel to go for his rehearsal. So we waited there, and waited, and waited …. Now, perhaps it’s part of my nature to complain, but I must really gripe about the unfairness of security staff in general, particularly in their treatment towards fans.

The Marriott lobby area towards the main entrance is circular, with a big floral centrepiece in the centre, so when JKS comes out, he’ll either go towards either side of the circular pathway which leads to two glass entrances. In between the two entrances was a glass panelled wall, and there was a Western couple standing against the glass wall, waiting out of curiosity to see who the star was. As more and more fans lined the side of the circular walkway, Carol and I decided to move to the glass panelled wall in front of the Western couple (they were taller, so we didn’t obstruct their view at all). That position would give us a clear view of JKS coming down either side of the walkway.

Then, as with security all over, the Marriott security staff came to chase us, specifically me. He said I was blocking the door. ?! The glass panelled wall was between the doors; there was no exit through the glass wall and I was not blocking the door at all. The security asked me to go over to the other side, which was already so crowded with fans, I wouldn’t be able to get a good view at all, and I would be blocking part of the door (was he blind??). I was very reluctant to move but at the security’s insistence, I did so.

Then after a few minutes, another Asian lady came to stand in the position I just vacated. I looked at the security – no response from him. He knew the lady was there and did not even ask her to move. I got angry and told the security, why did I have to move if he’s not chasing away the other lady? He then reluctantly went over to the lady and told her that I was the one who asked her to move.!! The cheek of the guy! Why did I have to move, if the other 3 people standing at the same place were not chased away? Do I look like I can be bullied?? The Asian lady just looked at the security, but did not even reply to him and continued to stand there. The security shrugged, gave up and walked away… After some time, that Asian lady left, and I went back to that place to re-join Carol. The security knew that I had moved but perhaps by that time, he had given up as crowd management was getting a bit tough.

Anyway, I did not get a clear video of JKS here. I had trained my camera on one side of the circular pathway because they had allowed fans to gather and block the other glass door, so we believed that JKS would be coming down the right side. When finally screams indicated his arrival, my camera was focused on the right side, and Jason and Kurt came into view. What we did not know, was that there was some chaos on the right side and JKS had veered and used the left pathway to exit via the other glass door. So everything was chaotic….

CrazyoverJKS has gotten a better video of JKS here, and perhaps she can share the link with us later.

JKS leaving Marriott for rehearsal

Am skipping several logistic details….After the commotion at the reception, we went to buy lunch back to eat in the hotel room, and went to the autograph / photo venue at Bintang II function room at Marriott level 3. CrazyoverJKS, Chicken Little and Sophie already had their tickets (thanks to Carol who had collected them earlier for us), but I needed to look for Ning to collect my ticket.
The good good news for me is, I finally managed to get the VVIP autograph ticket one week before the KL Cri Show!!! My dream came true again!! I managed to buy the VVIP ticket from another Singapore eel who could not go in the end, and I sold my VIP photograph ticket to crazyoverjks.

Ning wasn’t at the venue yet at 3.40 pm (event starts at 4 pm), so I was anxious and called and texted her. Finally, I got a response from her and managed to collect my ticket from her ten minutes before 4 pm.

The fan-sign was at Bintang II ballroom. The autograph ticket holders were seated in the stage-right area and photograph ticket holders in the stage-left area. The central area was reserved for the media. Photo-taking would take place first, followed by the autograph session.

Jang Keun Suk Fans Club Malaysia really put in so much thought and effort into preparing gifts for JKS. First, they prepared a very big gift-box that was almost half the size of a man. Inside was a scrapbook containing photos of the Malaysian eels, and also a set of pewter wineglasses with Tree-J logo embossed on it, amongst other things. I’d like to elaborate on the gifts in a later post (hopefully sometime soon).

I finally had a chance to see JKS one-to-one in closer proximity!! Again, Carol was really wonderful here. I wanted to get an artist at a shop to draw a portrait of JKS, so that he could sign on it, but it was a last-minute decision. The cost of doing it was cheaper in Malaysia. Carol had to take the time and effort to go to the shop and enquire, come back and email me the price details, get my decision to go ahead with the order, go down to the shop during lunchtime again the next day to place an order and deposit, and communicate with the artist on my behalf. It’s a lot of work! I feel so bad that I have to trouble her ….

I was feeling quite excited about getting JKS’ autograph for the first time – I’ve been waiting for an autograph chance for such a long time!! When it was my turn, I went up to JKS and passed him the portrait to sign. When he saw it, his eyes opened wide in surprise and he asked whether I drew it. I told him no, I got someone to draw it for me, then he went “ohhh…”

As he signed for me, I asked him a question that has been on my mind for some time: Will the 20th anniversary dinner show in Korea be in a big place because many of us want to go? Part of his attention was divided to the signing, so I repeated the question. He said, “Maybe …. Yes, the event will be in a big place.” Because I said many of us want to go, he said thanks! And all the time he was signing and I was asking my question, I kept staring at his exquisite face – he is so beautiful up close!! Last, I held up my hands to him and he clenched my hands in the eel way – his grip is surprisingly quite firm! After I walked out of the stage area, I was so happy!! I ran up to my friend Sophie standing at the side, and just had to tell her he is sooo beautiful!!

-part 2 (finale)-

Welcome to the world of political intrigue, strategy and subterfuge, where nothing is as what it seems, and in order to locate our brightest star, we had to weave our way through convoluted theories and pit our minds and endurance against those who are against us …

Target: Jang Keun Suk

The WTA XXXX papparazi team: Aphrael77, Carol70, crazyoverJKS, Chicken Little aka Daydreaming, Sophie, Gingercake

The “enemy” : the organizers

The Story

It all started on Sat 4 June around noon when we were waiting for JKS to depart JW Marriott for his rehearsal. We heard that some fans had planned to chase Sukkie and had booked vans. Another eel Apple provided us with a van driver’s contact. He charged a cheaper rate of RM 800 but he had no star-chasing experience nor any contacts, compared to RM 2,400 for another driver who had the contacts, the experience and the news. The inexperienced van driver told me that there were at least 7 exits out of KLCC and he wouldn’t know which exit JKS would use, so we thought there was no point in booking his van.

Then with the chaos that ensued when JKS departed JW Marriott and in the rush of the fan-sign event and Cri Show that day, we didn’t talk about chasing JKS. After the Cri Show ended, we followed the crowd out and down an escalator into a path that I didn’t recognize, so Carol asked a security guard for directions and we had to go up the escalator again to go out through another way. While walking, we were chatting and soon we reached the main entrance and porch where several vehicles were parked. I cannot recall who, but one of us suddenly said, “Aren’t those the fan vans that are chasing JKS?”

We took another look and indeed saw several white vans and some fans getting into the vans parked on the other side of the porch. On the side of the porch near us was another white van, but with security personnel milling around it. Was this JKS’ van? Upon further thinking and discussion, we concluded that it wasn’t JKS’ van but it was his security personnel’s van, so wherever JKS would go later, this van was bound to follow! Also, we saw JKS’ manager getting into this van too!

Our excitement mounted. Carol had parked her car in the open-air carpark beside KLCC (perhaps 100 metres from the porch). We decided to get into her car and had to detour a big round back to KLCC porch to check whether the vans would still be there. Luck was with us, and the vans were still there! We stopped behind the security van with another vehicle between us, but after a while, that vehicle drove off and we had to pull up directly behind the security van. We were anxious whether the KLCC security would chase us away, so all the while, we concocted various excuses for stopping there i.e. we were waiting for a friend to join us (someone pointed out there were already 6 of us squeezed in the car). Then I thought, why not just say we were waiting for a friend to pass us something?

Several more minutes passed slowly as we watched what happened around us – people moving around etc. Suddenly, the van ahead of us moved out and all the fans’ vans followed. So did we! We were all quite flustered actually, and there was a babble of voices in the car as everyone talked about which van to follow and where the vans were and which direction to move in – a wonder that Carol could stand it! The vans, especially JKS’ security van, drove at a breakneck speed and at one point, we lost sight of the leading van and most of the vans, but after a while, we spotted a fans’ van lagging behind and followed. Luckily, we managed to catch up with the long line of vans, and Carol was driving faster too.

When we got to a traffic junction right-turn, Carol was so fast that she overtook the security van at the right-turn and after turning right, we were still ahead of the security van, so Carol slowed down and allowed them to overtake us. Soon we reached the seafood restaurant Imbi Palace (we realised that JKS has a penchant for seafood) where all the vans had stopped at. We dropped the others off first, and Carol and I went to park the car at the carpark a distance away, then came back. By then, JKS’ manager and colleagues had gone into the restaurant but JKS had not appeared yet. We soon realised why. There was a wedding dinner going on at the ground floor of the restaurant! There were many, many guests in the restaurant, and some of them were starting to leave. JKS could not possibly appear when there were so many people around, so we guessed he might be waiting in his car somewhere.

Outside the restaurant entrance, we waited, and waited, and waited. We saw JKS’ staff going into the restaurant with a few bottles of wine, but there was no sign of JKS. The wedding dinner guests were still leaving the restaurant in groups. At nearly 11.15 pm and more than half an hour of waiting, we guessed that JKS could be inside the restaurant already as there was a back door to the restaurant. Either that, or JKS could have been in the first car to reach the restaurant and he had gone up already. The other fans had already gone to the eating house across the road to get some refreshments and we did the same too.
At about 11.30 pm, I cannot remember what caused the commotion, but all of us thought that JKS was getting ready to leave soon, so all of us fans and various van drivers dashed across the road. Us fans stationed ourselves outside the entrance again, and JKS’ van pulled up straight to the entrance. We thought he’d be coming down soon, so we waited, waited and waited…. until we were all so tired. A couple of eels sat on the doorsteps; some of us including me leaned against JKS’ van. Gingercake even joked that could she get into the front seat next to the driver and wait there for JKS, then the van could also take her along directly to where JKS was going. It was a very tiring wait; it had been a long day for us with the overnight coach from Singapore, arriving in KL at 5 am, the move and check-in at JW Marriott, the long noon wait at JW Marriott, the fan-sign and a long time of standing on our feet, another long 2 hours of standing at Cri Show waving our lightstick etc and now more waiting and standing outside the restaurant – the eels outside the restaurant were really a wilting bunch of eels. In the meantime, Carol had driven her car from the carpark and re-parked it at a spot outside the restaurant that would make it easier for us to tail JKS. Still, we waited.

Oh ya, 2 amusing incidents during the waiting. Remember the wedding dinner? The bride was in her car (the groom beside her), waiting to see JKS too! Haha! Also, there was a mother who had climbed up onto a parapet ledge with her camera wanting to get a good view, and her little girl carried by the father was crying for her mother to carry her, but the mother said, “Wait! There’s a Korean star who acted in YAB. I must get a video of him. This is the first time in my life I’m doing such a crazy thing. Wait until I finish video-ing him!”

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JKS came out at around 11.45 pm, his eyes looking a bit red (perhaps from the drinking?). He smiled and waved at us, and got into his car. We started running for Carol’s car, got into it and soon we were chasing JKS’ car. We followed him all the way to Zouk. It was nearly 1 am, and Carol had to go home, so she dropped us off at Zouk. We were in time to see JKS’ staff (I don’t recall seeing JKS himself) enter Zouk via the back entrance, an entrance that was off-limits to normal guests. Then we went to the front entrance to take a look and saw that there was a long line of people queueing to enter Zouk. Zouk was very packed. We were thinking whether to go in.

Carol called me at that point to say that she was further up the road; she had stopped there because she saw some fans’ vans that had stopped there too. The fans were not going into Zouk because it was too crowded, so they had decided to wait outside. The rest were ok with either entering Zouk or quitting our chase. I was very tired and I didn’t fancy going into a super crowded place with possibly very little chance of seeing JKS, so I opted to go back to the hotel. Later, on Sunday, we heard from a Thai fan whose friend had gone into Zouk, that the place was very crowded and smoky, but the friend managed to see JKS for a few minutes on the second floor. Glad that I didn’t go in though, I cannot even take cigarette smoke for 30 seconds.

Back at the hotel, I worked on my fan-sign fan account until nearly 2.30 am. Marriott had free internet for our room package, the video upload speed was superbly fast at under a minute for a 1-minute video but its download speed was very slow, so I had to wait ages for a page to load and get the information I needed. I could have finished my work earlier except that my netbook was hanging on me in the last hour. I couldn’t even open my eyes and it was a relief to crawl into bed.

On Sunday 5 June, we had a leisurely lunch, then went for a short walk at Chinatown and then to Berjaya Times Square Mall to look at that star merchandise shop on level 5. Walking into that shop is like walking into a treasure trove. The merchandise there were all non-official, but it did not stop us from going ooh, aah and almost buying up everything we could lay our hands on. I nearly busted my budget on his merchandise, haha!

We walked out of the shop and bumped into Ferlyn, Ning and their group of friends. They were there for the merchandise shop too. They also told us that JKS was having his press conference at the hotel from 3 pm to 5 pm. That immediately changed all our plans – we decided to go back to Marriott and chase JKS again! But before that, we decided to go for tea first (in case we wouldn’t have time later to have dinner).

[Ok, here I have some memory loss, so there will be some slight inaccuracies as I’m glossing over the account.] Once at the hotel, we went our separate ways – crazyoverJKS to level 3 to check out JKS’ press conference venue, Carol was making some enquiries with various people, I went up to the hotel room to use the toilet. I think we must have waited for some time at the hotel. CrazyoverJKS came down to tell us that the press conference was over and she could walk freely in and out of the venue. Later, we heard that JKS was going to this restaurant called “Sakura” for dinner, and we decided to go there ahead of him.

We reached Sakura; Carol and I went in. Carol went to the reservation counter and started to make some discreet enquiries about whether anyone made any booking. The waitress asked us what time. Carol said she didn’t know the time, but it would be around in the evening. Waitress asked for name the reservation was under; we couldn’t provide. I was extremely nervous, because well…. Quite awkward, isn’t it? We couldn’t say we were fans; we couldn’t give any concrete information or reason why we were enquiring about other people’s reservation and I could feel the waitress thinking that we are very strange. Another lady (maybe supervisor) came over to assist (since there was hardly anyone in the restaurant at 5.30 pm). I noticed a plump, round-faced Chinese man standing further in. He was wearing a long-sleeved white shirt and looked like the restaurant staff or manager. When he heard us enquiring about the evening’s reservation, he had a rather furious look on his face, picked up a book from the table, turned and left. I was quite worried that he’d inform JKS’ managers and then the dinner would be cancelled.
Finally, we did get the information we wanted. There was a group reservation for 25 persons at 6.30 pm. This matched the information from our source – it had to be JKS and his team. Also, another 2 groups of fans had already arrived at the restaurant, which further confirmed the news.

We made a reservation at 6 pm, and went to much length to pick a table that we thought was close to the entrance of the VIP private room and where we thought JKS must pass by in order to reach the room. At 6 pm, we decided to go in and order our drinks first, and wait for JKS to arrive. Then later, we ordered our food – the rest had the restaurant’s signature nasi lemak (the dish had chicken and was uniquely drenched in curry while I had ee-fu noodles). The menu looked interesting and there were some desserts we wanted to try later. While waiting, we were also observing the table of fans near one of the restaurant’s entrances (the restaurant had 2 main glass entrances). The rest in my team saw JKS’ security personnel sitting with this table of fans. My back was to the entrance and I couldn’t see them unless I turned around, but I didn’t in case it was obvious I was looking at them. It was obvious that this group of fans gained their information from the security. We waited and waited and waited. A very long wait. A few times during the wait, Carol sms or called her contact to ensure that the news was still correct and JKS was indeed coming.

Then, all the JKS security left. We were anxious and wondered if there was a change in plans. However, after that, we saw several people in JKS’ team coming to the restaurant – the photographer, the Korean interpretor and RL organisers. One short-haired, plump lady (not sure who, but could be RL organising team) came over to tell us that JKS was coming to the restaurant and asked us not to create any commotion when he arrived. We agreed, and with this confirmation, we happily finished the rest of our dinner.

Another group of fans had come in and took the table nearest the main entrance and we realised, nearest to the other door to the VIP room, so JKS would come in through the entrance and go to that nearest door instead of bypassing us to reach this door near us. A bit disappointed that we chose the wrong table, but we comforted ourselves that we could at least see him.

Pardon me for repeating this – it was a long, long wait. The waiters had already started serving food to the VIP room but JKS wasn’t there yet. All sorts of thoughts surfaced in our minds. How could they start the feast without JKS? Unless JKS wanted to come at a later time, have his dinner hastily and then leave directly for the airport? Or was he already in the room via some back entrance we didn’t notice, like Sat night? But the back entrance was a narrow and dirty one into the kitchen; JKS couldn’t have used that, and the front entrances were in our clear view. During our long wait, we gave a new meaning to “momosuk”. The Chinese Hokkien dialect meaning of “mo” is to dilly dally and take one’s sweet time, and “momosuk” means that JKS was very good at taking his time and being late; we even joked that he must be taking his time to bathe and slower than a girl in putting on make-up and making himself look pretty!

It was nearly 8 pm – where was JKS? Carol received a call from her contact to say that JKS was not coming to the restaurant – it was merely a ploy to divert his fans there. We immediately settled the bill and went back to the hotel, leaving the other 2 tables of fans there. On the way back, we discussed the latest news. Maybe JKS wanted to shop at Starhill Gallery that was connected to Marriott on the second level, or maybe he went swimming at the hotel pool since the pool was closed at 7 pm, that’s why he wanted to divert us. We were full of regrets that we couldn’t be at the room keeping an eye on the pool at the same time; someone even suggested that next time, we should set up a surveillance camera in the hotel room to record 24 hours even while we were out so that we wouldn’t miss JKS at the pool!

But I was fuming mad… at the RL lady who came to feed us false information that JKS was coming to the restaurant so that we would stay at the restaurant. But what is the point of doing that when there were scores of fans at Marriott lobby? The only positive thing out of our long wait was, we managed to have a nice dinner instead of like Sat night when we were tired and standing during the wait.

I understand that the RL lady was doing her job and possibly feeling very satisfied that she had completed her mission of misleading us. On hindsight, who are we to the lady and RL organisers? Not even friends, and no relationship at all! Why would she be so kind as to tell us that JKS would be coming here? We only had ourselves to blame for being so gullible. Lesson learnt – don’t ever believe what your enemy tells you. I have to applaud her for her masterful acting performance – JKS is not the only wonderful actor around; the staff around him have picked up excellent acting skills too, and practised them on us.

To that RL lady (I hope you read this), I am not angry with JKS’ change in plans, I am not angry with him or Korean/RL organisers diverting us, I am angry with your deceit and your lie. You could have left us alone at the restaurant, and we would have kept on believing our source that JKS would come to the restaurant. Even if you did not come to tell us this lie, we would still continue to stay at the restaurant. Your lie is unnecessary. To you, we are nothing, and perhaps more like irritating pests you have to get rid of, but I will remember you forever, as a person full of deceit and I will never ever trust a single word you (or the organising staff) say again. This may sound a bit serious, but I cannot accept deceit and lies. I think I am a rather honest, straight-forward person. Even when friends suggest me to tell JKS I drew that portrait I asked him to sign during the autograph, I cannot. It’s not drawn by me, and I cannot say it is. I am someone who finds it very difficult to tell a lie, so I despise people who are full of deceit and not what they appear to be on the surface.

We made it back to the hotel; JKS had not left yet. There were some fans at the hotel lobby but not many. His van was not parked at the hotel entrance, so Carol drove through 5 basement levels of the carpark to try our luck and we got so excited when we saw his van parked in a corner! Carol was so excited that she stopped her car directly in front of JKS’ van, thinking to stop him from driving out and he’ll come over to talk to us. We managed to persuade Carol to park somewhere else and below is her 2nd choice of parking … LOL. Finally, we decided to park in the lot directly opposite JKS’ van. We did not want to bother him but just take a video of him departing from Marriott. So we stayed there until we saw him. We were the only group of fans at B5 carpark at the Marriott, and this is how we got that exclusive video. We didn’t follow JKS to the airport though; the airport was too far away for Carol and us, and we decided to call it a night. This ends our star-chase.

Back in the hotel room before our bed-time, crazyoverJKS was already suffering JKS withdrawal symptoms. She asked rhetorically, “Where is our star?” and answered it herself, “Our star is in the sky” referring to JKS being on the plane. And the next morning when she woke up, her first thought was, “JKS is back in Korea! I wonder what he’s doing?” … …

Our star was JKS but the undoubted heroine of the day (and nights) was Carol. Without her being so willing to drive us around, without her unique charm and characteristic to be able to talk to many, many people and gain all sorts of useful information, we would never ever have this memorable star-chasing experience. And she helped us save at least RM 1,600 on booking van to chase JKS. Thank you, Carol!





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