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JKS: "What is seen and what is not see, both exist"

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12 July 2011 – Popular Korean star Jang Keun Suk was in Hang-zhou two days ago for the recording of Zhe-jiang TV’s “I love memorizing lyrics”. When asked about the unstated Korean showbiz rules, JKS said tactfully, “What is seen and what is not seen both exist.”
With a planned album release in China in the later half of this year, JKS hopes that he can have a chance to study Chinese in Shanghai. Compared to other Korean artistes entering the Chinese market and participating in the filming of movies and dramas, JKS is different in that he is more cautious. “I feel that language communication is now my greatest obstacle.”
Always having been labelled as a “flower-pretty boy”, JKS expressed his wish to achieve a breakthrough and try different characters. He revealed that he likes Chinese movies and hopes very much to collaborate with renowned directors such as Zhang Yi-mou and John Woo Yu-sen, even if it is a minor character. Of the Chinese actors that he admires, JKS would like to act together with Tony Leung and Andy Lau.
For quite some time, the state of survival in Korean showbiz is worrying, with frequent news of artistes committing suicide. In response to this, JKS said, “This trend actually is not limited to Korean showbiz. As an artiste, one faces a lot of stress, but this stress is not imposed on an artiste by society; it also comes from himself. If an artiste knows how to conquer and solve the problems, the situation will be better.”
Recently, the drama “Greatest Love” making inferences to the reality of Korean showbiz became popular on the internet. The drama showed many scenes of manager slapping the artiste and manipulating artistes by gaining their confidential information. When asked whether this plot reflects the current state of Korean showbiz objectively, JKS said tactfully, “I have not experienced this kind of manager before, and am not sure about these unstated rules. In this world, I feel that what is seen and what is not seen both exist.”
Source: Cheng-du Business Times
English translation: Aphrael77

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I really like to see & hear the “little old man” talks, smart, matured & yet with humor & cuteness… really charming!!!