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ChouTofu10: JKS’ concert coincides with typhoon

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Yahoo News made this exclusive news on JKS concert and what's more they shared photos during the big event. And YES! I can shared all these photos without guilt, hehe :D

JKS’ concert starts amidst typhoon, claims in excitement that Taiwanese eels are his “wives”
25 June 2011 – Amidst his busy filming schedule, Jang Keun Suk still travelled to 5 Asian cities for his Asia Tour, and now is in Taiwan for the 3rd time to hold his concert. As usual, his parents accompanied JKS on the trip.
On 24 June at Taipei University Stadium, fans’ screams nearly lifted the roof as they danced and waved their lightsticks along to the music! After singing his debut single “Let me cry”, JKS greeted fans in Chinese, saying “Hello Taiwan! I miss you all very much!”
Despite an impending typhoon, fans had braved the rain to queue to enter the venue. JKS was very sweet in saying to fans, “I saw you all outside the window in the rain. My heart aches, so I want to put up a perfect performance. I love you all very much!”
Because there were some fans at the airport on 23 June dressed as brides, JKS also said at the concert, “Last year, I received many of your “promises”. This time, before I came here, I especially took a look at it.”
He also warned his fans laughingly, “All the fans here are my brides, this lifetime all of you cannot betray your promise to me! If you betray me, you’re dead!” All the fans screamed frenetically in response!
JKS said that he likes Taiwan. On the day of his arrival, he went walking on the streets, and even fed fans grilled sausage. Since YAB, JKS has not had a rest in a long time. Besides filming “Marry me Mary”, he also went to China and Bangkok to shoot commercials in addition to the two Asia Tours since. He just realized that he only spent less than $100 in the past 3 weeks. “I have saved a lot of money, I might as well buy a house in Taiwan!” Upon hearing that their idol might stay in Taiwan for a longer time, fans were very happy!
Recently, JKS also released an album in Japan, and sales have exceeded 200,000. His Chinese album would also be released soon!
Originally, there was only one Show scheduled in Taiwan, but from Korea, he noticed that tickets were sold out so fast and many fans could not get tickets, resulting in the proliferance of black-market tickets. He could not bear the thought of fans spending extra money for black-market tickets, so he immediately decided to add one more Show. It is indeed hard not to love this kind of Jang Keun Suk!

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