Tuesday, 21 June 2011

JKS pleased by Korean,Japanese & Chinese fans visit @YMP

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This video is a dedication from Korean, Japanese & Chinese fans to Jang Geun Suk~


Korean, Chinese and Japanese fans of actor Jang Keun Suk paid a sincere visit to JKS at “You’re my Pet” (YMP) filming venue, which made JKS feel very touched.
On 21 June, with the arrangement of Tree-J, Korean, Chinese and Japanese fans prepared many gifts, refreshments and support for JKS, and the atmostphere was very heart-warming.
Under the lead of JKS’ official Korean fanclub Cri-J, together with “DCinsideJKS Gallery” and JangKeunSuk.net, fans visited the YMP filming site, and the heartwarming and encouraging support the fans offered made the actors and crew feel touched.
JKS’ fans provided delicious food to all the actors and crew at the filming site, and of course prepared tables, gifts that conveyed their love as well as banner and cake that conveyed their best wishes for the success of the movie.
JKS expressed his thanks to every fan who was there, which made the fans feel touched too. He greeted the Japanese fans in Japanese, and demonstrating his considerate nature, he autographed for them in Japanese too.
JKS said, “Since the movie filming started, many, many, many local and overseas fans travelled all the way to support me and encourage me, I am very touched. Because of everyone, this period of filming is full of meaning to all the movie crew. Everyone’s support makes me feel very touched. I will work harder to thank everyone.”
In YMP, JKS is taking on the role of the male lead, Momo-Kang Yunho (rough translation of name).
Source:NATE  +  KeunSukChina 挚爱小帅-张根硕全球中文网
翻译:蓉, 校对 / 制图:瓶子 ( Chinese translation) + Aphrael77 (English translation) + JGS Indonesia +as tagged@weibo

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