Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Hi cri~

JKS needs our vote in battle against Playful Kiss lead-Kim Hyung Joong. 

So, let's show our CRI POWER!!! kekee ^O^

Step 1: Click on this website: KIDS DAUM to direct you to the vote battle window

Step 2: Click on the CAT to vote for JKS!!! 

Step 3: Continue clicking the CAT for another few hours.

That's all,very simple!! ^O^


Nodi.KeunSuk said...

Suna dear...thanks for your coming back...kkk

Love ur postings....KEEP VOTING FOR SUK!! ^______^

biskuteel said...

The cute Nodi-chan!!

Thank you for ur comment, you r the first in this new blog!!! ^O^