Friday, 17 June 2011

Funny answer from Keungall Questionnaire~ [ENG+CH]

Hi cri~

Another questionnaire by DC Keungall and this time even more funnier, fufufuffuu~ :D

Q1)When do you visit DC (keungall)?

JKS: At all times

Q2)What do you like to be called? 

JKS: Actor Jang (romanize: jang bae(be) wu(u))

Q3)What does 根 (keun) in 张根硕 (jang keun suk) mean? 

JKS: I don't know. 

Note: when he was at question 3 (Q3) he looked flustered/nervous.
(Biskuteel: Hahahhaa :D )

Q4)If you were reborn, you would be?

JKS: Fisherman's son

Note: Instead of choosing tfrom the given answer,JKS wrote the answer as if the question is subjective,keke
(Biskuteel: LOLOLz :)) This guy cracked me,haha~)

Q5)When do you go into the audio room (music broadcast/ recording room)? 

JKS: When I have the feeling to go I'll go

Q6) which would make you feel more frustrated?Having no fans or too many fans at film set? 

JKS: Who posts my pictures here then?

(Biskuteel: Agree with other eels,they said he gave a smart answer here :) )

Q7/Q8)Plans for the future? 

JKS: Unlimited.

Note: Again he wrote the answer instead of choosing it, LOLz

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