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DimSum13 :HK FA (part last)

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Last part of the fan account ^ ^;;

My disclaimer: this is purely from my thought; no offense intended. I might not get everything right, but this is as close as I can remember. Pictures are not from me; credit as tagged. I got them mostly from weibo and JKS baidu bar (tieba.
If there’s one thing that I feel is almost impossible to write about, it’s Lounge H.  What was going on the stage was just indescribable.  You’ve just got to be there to capture the feeling, the atmosphere, the heat, the whole nine yards.  Words would fall really short of the whole experience.  So I’m afraid it’s not gonna be a detailed account, but a little snippets of the show ^^
Lounge H started off with the usual “This is electronic music… this is electronic party” gig, but in Hong Kong, the green laser effect brought home the feeling that it really was a party. And the audience was more than ready to party with Team H.
They started out with Seungriharira, the Lounge H theme song.  Big Brother was manning the DJ station, as always, when Keun Suk appeared at the top of the stair and made his way to the main stage while waving the Cri J flag.  They wore the similar getup as in Singapore, with black and white jackets and bling bling shirts.
What went on afterwards was similar with Singapore FM.  The main difference was Team H let looser in Hong Kong FM. They sprayed water to the audience (and I jumped in reflex to catch those drops hahaha *hides*)  And Keun Suk drank the water and poured it over himself more often.  He wiped his sweat with a towel, poured water from his bottle to it, and then flung it to the audience. My luck ran short again, as I only got to touch the corner of that towel before it was snatched away T_T  But what I want more is the towel he used to wipe his body… and legs… and… *grins*  But that cheeky guy looked at us, grinned and then flung the towel to his left while his eyes were still laughing at us *sigh*
Oh, and they had the cutest interaction while Keun suk introduced Big Brother to the audience. He called him BB (read: bee-bee) hahahaha I was laughing when he said something like “so, BB, what do you want to say to Hong Kong?” LOL then Big Brother also answered with the cutest phrase. When Keun Suk said he’s a great music producer in Korea, Kurt grinned and said “thank you… wannabe, wannabe…” LOLZ  He also answered with wannabe, wannabe another time, but I forgot what the question was :P
They were DJ-ing when Sukkie walked offstage. I knew he’s gonna bring someone with him, and this time it’s Jason’s turn first.  Without further ado, Jason took the stage dancing this dorky dance (while Keun Suk was laughing like a loon behind him LOL). But it’s a short dance, half of what he did in Singapore before he ran backstage again. Still laughing, Keun Suk went backstage again, and I knew he’s gonna bring Gunsama this time. Bingo.  But this Gunsama was less shy than in Singapore. He shook his booty, then dance their signature dance with Suk, then he turned around and shook his booty again while covering his face with his hands ^O^
Then Keun Suk went off stage again. When he came back, he brought with him Hulrang-ee Eun Suk! (so he can escape in Singapore but not here LOL)  Suk gestured for him to dance, and what he did couldn’t be possibly termed a dance? LOL He only moved his fist around a bit, shook his booty a bit, and then ran off stage hahahaha And then Keun Suk went off stage again.  I was thinking “no way he’s bring Heungro back now, right?”  And then he came back with a leash! And he’s dragging something heavy! I remembered January Lounge H and shouted Suni!!  And true enough, he was bringing Suni with him. Her imitation, that is, but life-size!  He danced with her, and the cheeky guy made a move to throw Suni out to the audience.  My hands were already stretched as far as they could, but he pulled her back at the last moment and gave her such tender kiss.  The crowd were screaming like crazy by then lolz…
While in Singapore they sang domancho, it’s not the case in Hong Kong.  I think something must have happened to Kurt, because after Shake It, he suddenly left Sukkie on the DJ table all by himself while he disappeared back stage. Keun Suk talked for a bit, then he too went in. And while domanco was playing, we were shown video clip of Gotta Getcha MV making *not that I’m complaining, but I also want to see them do domancho live in addition to the video clip bonus ;P*
Then the light started to go on and off, on and off, before it was off and Keun Suk walked in again wearing black jacket and white pants, similar to the ensemble he wore during fansign. He sat/leaned on the steps and started talking (hiks… T_T) and then he said it would be the last song of the night, and he said “You’re my precious”.  He sang his favorite song from Marry Me, Mary album and when he’s finished, he waved and went in.
The audience started to shout “encore” and I knew he would come back out again since he hasn’t worn that I♡Fan T-shirt :P And as predicted, he went out again wearing that t-shirt ^^ He sang Promise, and then he said “See you next year, Hong Kong” before he waved goodbye.
After the FM, my friend told me Keun Suk said he would come to Macau next year.
Now, here’s my take: I think in terms of performance, Hong Kong is much better than Singapore. Not only the stage and lighting were better, but also they had their practice a week before.  They already know going in what they could expect from the audience.  Plus, he sang Oh My Darling there (I still can’t get over how cuteeee he was and how hearing him singing it had forever changed that song for me)… and the movie from Budapest was really racking winning points in my book.
But in terms of which one I enjoy more, I would have to say Singapore, even when my seat in Hong Kong was much better.  The smallish venue made for more interactions between Keun Suk and the audience. You can see him going down the stage and walk near the fans, something he could never do in Hong Kong.  It feels more intimate, just like fan meetings are supposed to be.  Hong Kong felt more like a concert somehow… And everything was brand new; we didn’t know what kind of FM he would present to us.  Big plus was the fact that I can follow the conversation in Singapore :P
Now, if you ask me to choose which one is better in general, I really couldn’t make up my mind lolz… Let me try; I would say… um, let’s wait for Bangkok? ^O^
Source: Shiro401 +  as tagged@weibo (photos)

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