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DimSum12 : HK FA (part 2)

Hi cri~

Second part of Fan Account of Hong Kong Cri Show~

When I checked twitter after the FM, I saw some people were asking me whether Hong Kong FM was better than Singapore one. Well, let’s see… since it’s all cri shows, how about I’ll put up some pics and comments of the FM that were different, and see if you’ll agree with my take at the end ^^
Another disclaimer: this is purely from my thought; no offense intended. I might not get everything right, but this is as close as I can remember. Pictures are not from me; credit as tagged. I got them mostly from weibo and JKS baidu bar (tieba.
While I was delighted when I entered SG FM venue (I love that the place wasn’t too big n how cozy it made me feel for an FM), Hong Kong somewhat awed me. I said somewhat because the place was the same as last year FM, with the similar arrangement.  I imagine the people at the VIP back sections would have a hard time seeing him since the floor was kinda flat.  But it still awed me, because the stage was simply awesome.  It’s much bigger than SG FM, and in a “T” letter. And it just so happened that my seat was on the 2nd row at the end of that “T” leg so I had clear and close view of the stage without having to do much but look ahead ^O^
When we reserved our VIP tickets, we were told there will be a surprise gift for the VIP ticket holders. The regular one would get a poster each. And what a gift!! Before we entered the hall, we were given a bag containing Suk’s HK FM poster and 4 big pics: 2 of him and 2 of Team H. I love the pics!! ^O^
Anyway, the show started off with his CF being shown. First was Ole Winky eye.  Then Samsung Galaxy Player (too bad the sounds disappeared in the middle of the clip >.<) Then the lights were off and the eels started screaming.  Announcement was made in English that taking pictures and videos were prohibited, that Keun Suk wanted the fans to have full experience of the FM. Then the same notice was repeated in Chinese. And in Japanese *heard the blue eels behind me screamed lol* Then in Thai ^O^ *niki and jane, my Thai friends, must be over the moon when they heard the notice in their language LOL* But I wonder why they didn’t make a Korean or Cantonese ones :P
And then elevated from below the stage, a figure in black suit slowly appeared. The intro of Let Me Cry started playing, and all of a sudden, the fans started to run to the stage! Dear Lord, it was chaotic… O.O Even a girl in crutches hobbled her way to the stage too.  And the security guards did nothing!  Keun Suk started to sing and the fans were even higher.  The girl beside me wanted to follow the crowd and asked me to move to the stage too.  So I followed the crowd, but I had to crick my neck to look up to the stage, and I could only see his face but not what he was doing.  Since I prefer the view from my seat, I went back.  And maybe it’s my feeling only, but I don’t think he was too happy about the whole situation.  While usually his eyes were alive during his FM, I found they looked kinda detached that time…
Anyway, after he finished up his song, he greeted the fans in English, welcoming us to his Cri Show.  A short speech, then he said he would sing another song from his new album, his favorite Oh My Darling, which is also my favorite song from his new album! I didn’t know how many decibels my scream was kkkkk.  I can’t even begin to describe how good it was: the atmosphere, his charisma, his energy, that feeling you get when you see him in front of your eyes. Everything.  I just know that listening to that song would never feel the same again.  Now every time I heard that song, I’d see in my mind how cute and gorgeous he looked that night. I’m doomed, I tell you hahaha…
One of the most memorable thing that night was when they’re talking about the photobook. While in SG I squealed when he showed his pics in Budapest, in Hong Kong I almost fainted when he showed the short video, also shot in Budapest. OMD, it’s really a must buy item for all eels.  He acted really well in that movie.  I love his every expression there.  In fact, in one of the scenes, where he was holding his tears back, I can feel my heart being squeezed too ;P And bonus for us international eels: I noticed there’s English sub in that video! \(^O^)/ Really can’t wait to watch that movie in its entirety.
Not only in Budapest, but he showed different pictures from Belgium and London too.  I particularly remember the last one from London: he was bare top. When that picture was put on the screen, Keun Suk yelled and laughed, and I squealed n my cheering flag almost flew from my hand kkkkk (luckily it fell not far away :P ) And that picture was shown the shortest. Only a couple seconds before they took it off (LOL)
Another thing was when they’re talking about how his single album became number 1 on Oricon chart.  I was yay-ing and waving my blue flag in excitement while he answered the MC.  From what little I understand, he said thanks to the Japanese fans for their support and then he looked pointedly at me LOL (thanks to jksholic for giving me the blue flag ^O^) He must have thought I’m a Japanese eel kkkk :P
It’s really too bad I speak no Cantonese at all, so I can only understand a little bit of the Korean that he said and none of what the MC said. I would love to know what else they’re talking about… but I understand enough to see how comfortable and close Keun Suk was with the MC (btw, this guy was also the MC for his FM last year) They joked around, and he was laughing so hard when the MC tried to imitate him.
It was during Please, My Bus that the security guard tried to put the fans back in order (maybe Suk said something about it, just like how he asked the fans to sit down in SG? Was that why the security started to do their job?)  But they should have done it from the first if that’s what they’re trying to achieve.  By then, it was already too late.  The fans kept running back to the stage even after the security moved the barricade closer to the seats  (-_-’|)  I had no other choice but to stand up too (and I really feel bad for the people sitting at the back. Must be even more frustrating for them)  At the end, the security simply gave up and just sat down near the barricade, doing nothing >.<
After he sang Please, My Bus, he went backstage again and Marry Me, Mary clip was shown (exactly like SG FM).  But instead of English transcript, it’s in Chinese.  Then the host popped out again calling Kang Mu Gyul to the stage.  Again, I understand nothing of what they’re talking about T_T But at one time, Mu Gyul stood up and transformed into Tae Kyung, giving Mi Nam permission to like him.  So weird to hear Tae Kyung’s words and voice and see his expression and pouts while he’s wearing Indie-bohemian fashion LOL
The Hello Hello that he sang next was just like Singapore. He sang the ballad version first, then stop mid-way and changed it to Mu Gyul’s style.  What made it different was the effect on the stage. Here, they had the smoke billowing, more play of lights, etc.
He went in again and we’re shown You’re Beautiful clip (also the same clip as SG FM, but with Chinese transcript).  Then the MC called Tae Kyung to the stage. He was wearing leopard jacket with dark brown shirt that I also recognized one of Tae Kyung’s numerous shirt ^^
The staff rolled in a box for the lucky draw (and I had a moment of panic because I didn’t write anything on any piece of paper before going into the hall), but this time, instead of names, they called out seat numbers.  I heard the MC asked questions like what kind of animal chased after Tae Kyung, etc (hiks, can’t understand a thing! T_T) They got their three winners, and they went up the stage. He shook their hands and gave them their presents.  One of the winners brought her daughter with her to the stage, so Sukkie gave her a hug.  Then suddenly he said to her “kiss me” and tapped his cheek.  The lucky little girl really gave him a peck, while the fans were screaming in protest and envy LOL (At this time, I tweeted in a hurry saying Sukkie asked a girl to kiss him and you wouldn’t believe how many and what kind of replies I got LOL).
Suddenly, Sukkie said he would like to call one more.  The lucky girl stood up when her seat number was called.  This time, Keun Suk asked the question himself. He asked when Mi Nam’s fingers got glued together, what did he use to fix it.  The girl answered “brush” but it’s not the answer he’s looking for. He said “deng!” signaling wrong answer (he used “bingo” when the answer was correct) but the girl looked like she was about to cry.  So he called her to the stage and asked the audience if he should give her another chance (okay, I guessed this part, because I couldn’t fully understand what he was saying… ;P) but the fans all gave negative answers.  The girl was really about to cry by then, so he gave her another chance anyway to answer it.  When she got it right this time, he said bingo while smiling at her. Then he hugged her!  And picked her up!  And swayed with her! Oh My Darling… even I was screaming by then hahahaha ;P
Afterwards, Tae Kyung sang his song: As Ever. And we waved the JKS♥Forever banner we were given before we entered the hall.  And then part 1 of the FM was finished.  And I can’t believe how long this has become ^^;;
Source: Shiro401 + as tagged@weibo (photos)

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