Saturday, 25 June 2011

ChouTofu14: Spying on Taiwan Cri Show~

Hi cri~

After doing some 'spying' on Taiwan Cri Show, I've managed to collect all these info~! :D

#1 JKS photobook will be available in Chinese edition soon~

#2 Kurt cut his hair abit, his new look is daebak!!

#3 Compared between June 24th  and June 25th,many said, June 25th is much higher. They have 3 encores and all tree-J managers (Geun Sama, Jason and Kare man, Huang Huang) came out to dance~

#4 June 24th is Kurt a.k.a Big Brother's birthday. During the Cri ShowJKS sing birthday song to him while Jason brings out the cake :D

#5 This how Suk's Taxi looks like, keke~

 #6 A3 photos from Taiwan Cri Show:

#7 FREE postcard for attendees at Taiwan Cri Show~

#8 Taiwan's eels supporting scarf~ So kawaii!!

#9 Newspaper cut on Taiwan Cri Show~

#10 Jason told that Lounge H CD release is not confirm yet due to some technical problem. (Biskuteel: Let's hope everything runs smoothly cuz' we can't wait to grab it :D )

Source: siuwen + nenejks + joyce jks

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