Saturday, 18 June 2011

*from Editor: Geunsama an awesome manager!

Hi cri~

I was watching Marry Me Mary premiere airing at 8TV just now-just for fun and to support MMM 1st airing in Malaysia. I don't really enjoy it not because I've watched it for hundreds of time- no! no! no! No one can be bored even they watch it for millions of time because Suk is in it :D ,but because I can't hear Suk's voice. 

8TV use dubbing for all Korean dramas,I guess so that all the ahjummas/aunties/granny can follow the drama even without their glasses on :D

(Sorry for the bad quality of video. I forgot to charge my camera,so I record using my lame handphone :P Beside we just wanna hear the voice rite? rite? ;) )

Whenever I watch MMM,my focus will be on JKS, but I dunno why  & how it happens, but today my eye been distracted and the good point is I notice Manager Kim a.k.a Geunsama appearance in MMM!!!

Geunsame sure is a good manager. Taking care of Sukkie even in his shooting, Kekkeke~

If you don't believe me, go watch episode 1 MMM, I bet you will saw him.
I never knew he was one of MMM co-actors, LOLz ;)

This makes me wonder, who else from tree-J might be in MMM or any other movie? :D

Scene below is unpublished part of MMM :D

Oh,ya! Coming soon in your cinema is.....

Kung Fu Geun Suk!! LOLz :))

What a funny day today, may you have a great Saturday too!!

Adorable Kang Mu Gyul!! ^O^

C ya' cri~

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