Saturday, 25 June 2011

ChouTofu7: "Eels, don't betray me!"

Hi cri~

JKS fan meeting turns into concert and he warns fans not to betray him :D
Read out Yahoo News report -

Yahoo News – Popular Korean star Jang Keun Suk’s fan-meeting becomes a talk show cum concert! On 24 June, “JKS The Cri Show” was held at Taipei University Stadium, attracting nearly 4,000 fans. Including the encore, he sang 10 songs in total; it was more like a mini-concert. As for the book that (Taiwanese) fans gave him previously which contained their promises to support him forever, JKS said that he looked through the book once before boarding the plane, and even warned the fans, “If you dare to betray me, you’ll get it!” (Biskuteel:LOL Don't worry Sukkie, our heart is stuck  with you we can't find the exit :D )
His 3rd time in Taiwan, the contents of his 3 performances were different. At the start, JKS sang his Japanese debut single “Let me cry”, igniting the atmosphere. Besides singing, lucky fans were selected for interaction on stage. Together with classic lines from “Marry me Mary” and “You are Beautiful”, snapshots from JKS’ photo-book were shown, making this performance rich in contents. In consideration of the fans who sat on the second floor, JKS walked around the venue, nearly causing a riot.

There will be 2 consecutive shows at Taipei University Stadium, the second one on 25 June. Besides Taiwanese fans, there were many fans from Japan too. JKS is scheduled to depart Taiwan on 26 June at 1.20 pm via KE 692.

Source: Yahoonews + Aphrael77

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