Monday, 20 June 2011

Mysterious underwater kissu~

Hi cri~

Nate e-news reported about the new commercial featuring Jang Geun Suk & Lee Min Jung.

(Biskuteel: Please forgive me if my translation does not 100% match the real article. I use Google translate, so you know, it can be abit twisting when it comes to translator :P )

From Google translate, it says that, these two artiste portray a scene as a lover with some touch of fairy tale. This theme match Cartier motto "HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO FOR LOVE?" 

Cartier representative said "This video should be sensational"

Korean fashion magazine, W Magazine also took part in this filming. 

The official producer said "This movie is about a woman who suffer form hearing loss, get the chance to feel love and in the process of healing"

This video is another Zo Sun Hi artistic works. 

This video will be for public view in this coming July for 7 minute at Channel On Style Korea,so don't miss it.

Original text (CLICK HERE)

Source: nate + shiro 

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