Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Tweet!! from Prince ^ ^

Hi cri~

Last night, about 8hours ago (now is 09:20-South Korea Time(SKT)), Suk tweet saying this:

근짱입니다!내일 안전문제때문에 공항 뒷문으로가요..장어들의 마음만 받을게다들 마음만 받을게!!!그리고 사실 나 카바야키 먹어본적없음 ㅋㅋㅋ

Google Translation: Geunjjangipnida! Tomorrow because of safety issues go to the back door airport ...everyone wanted to be wanted by Eels I'll take it! And the fact that I never eat fried Nocover   

"Tommorow, because of safety issue, I'll be using airport's back door (VIP door) going back to Korea. I am grateful to all eels. In fact, I never eat grilled eels before (this part cracked me,hehe~ been wondering he might read eel's tweets :P )"

I wish you safe flight back to Korea and look forward for your Samsung Mobile Story Concert that is happening today!! \\^O^// You've worked so hard, do get yourself some rest too~

Source: jksjapan

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