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A visit @Shibuya Parco,JKS 1st official shop \^O^/

Hi cri~

For those who stay thousand miles away from Japan (best example is me ;) ) we should always rely on fan account from our dear eel's friend, right? hehe~

Read out how exciting a visit at JKS first official shop turn to be ;)

On Thursday, I had just ordered some bookmarks and felt happy. Since I was in Tokyo already, I made a trip to Shibuya to visit “JKS room” which was not originally part of my schedule. Not that I don’t want to go. Firstly, his exhibition will be open soon in Yokohama. Secondly, I really don’t have the time to queue for several hours.

At Parco, the first thing I saw was naturally this JKS in front of the café. It was not a rest day and it was mid-afternoon, so those working and studying shouldn’t be here right, but the café was still so full and there was a crowd sitting or standing outside waiting. Looks like I could not fill my stomach here.Luckily, it wasn’t like the first day when the queue started from level 8 all the way to basement. Nevertheless, there were still many people. The age range of fans? There were those in baby prams, those with white hair, a young and sweet couple and also a middle-aged man standing in queue on behalf of his wife. The big-sized management guys held up signs, shouting “The end of the queue for JKS Room is here!” and “Please enter the room first before taking any photo, don’t stop moving!”
The restaurant next to the exhibition venue displayed the Seoul makkori advertisement and also a JKS set meal for 2,500 yen.
Photography was forbidden inside the exhibition area. Aftter entering, I was looking around when suddenly behind me came JKS’ voice “Welcome! Have a fun time!” Although I have seen this video, I was still surprised. The items on display in the Room were not luxurious, just some daily necessities, but I felt a sense of awe and worship emanating from the visitors. Besides bated breath, the only other words I heard was “ka-wa-ii~~!!” [cute]
Several large photos were hanging in the exhibition area. Because of the high resolution, my eyes unconsciously became drawn to that photo of JKS lifting up his shirt to reveal his belly button, then I hastily turned my attention to those hairpins and glasses of aromatherapy candles, thinking that if the hairpins really had been pinned on some hair, it would be much more realistic. The little beauty in front leaned against the glass display, and the bathrobe inside moved, I thought it was JKS! Hastily discarding unbidden thoughts ...
Not everyone put their face against that bolster. Everyone was looking at it longingly. I discovered that those who came with companions were more daring. They would touch and stroke JKS’ face on the bolster and say sweetly, “So soft, so comfortable~ Keun-chan~~!!” After much struggling with my thoughts, I stretched out my hand, but there was a surge in the crowd and I missed my chance.
This was the only part of the exhibition area where photography was allowed. At the exit near this board, there were a little black curtain and women who entered it came out with a mysterious and incredible smile on their faces. Suddenly I thought of this phrase “[~intimate visit by emperior]“. So when I was led in, I was slightly nervous. JKS said (presumably video) “Had a fun time? Hope you’ll come again!”
What was most touching was all the fans’ messages to JKS within that heart shape where JKS had written “I permit you to leave a message for me”. Each message was full of sincerity; on some were stamped with his image and some had the imprint of lips/kiss. I saw a well-dressed white-haired granny, together with a group of girls, bent at the table, writing line after line.
At JKS confectionery workshop, 80% of the confectionery was sold out and red “Sold Out” labels could be seen everywhere and stocks had not arrived – amazing, given that there were still 10 days left of the exhibition. I had forgotten to pray to the Rain God, so it was raining heavily when I stepped out and I had to go and buy an umbrella.

Source: 银杏屋 + Aphrael77

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