Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Tweet!! Tweet!!

Hi cri~

I missed out to write about tweet shared by jksjapan staff so, I'll do combo tweets entry,hehe ^_^V

Date: 18th May


Translation: Hi cri~! New content (quiz) is available at OFC Japan now. After Login, proceed to Special! ^^

Date: 19th May

チャン・グンソク初の公式写真集発売記念 写真展開催決定! 詳細は公式サイトのNOTICEをご確認下さい~   

Translation: First photo exhibition will be held in Japan. For more info please visit official website  at NOTICE section 

Date: 22nd May

Translation: Even though this fella looks so small... 

(Biskuteel: LOLz, Suk tweet this is because eventhough Suni looks so small, but when she eats, it doesn't match her size,keke.. She's looking sad because she is asking for food. Awww!! This Princess is so cute!!! )

Date: 1st June

じゃじゃ〜ん !!!渋谷パルコに巨大ビルボードが出現!!!!!

Translation: Shibuya Parco giant billboard!!!!

Source: jksjapan

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