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DimSum11 : HK FA (part 1)

Hi cri~

Cri Show in Hong Kong has left us months ago, but reading this Fan Account freshen my memory of the good all time we shared together. Catch up HK Cri Show from Shiro's point of view ^___^

Hong Kong marked the second stop of Jang Keun Suk’s Asia Tour, and I’m soooo glad I could be a part of it.
If I thought SG fansign was short, HK was even shorter. The fansign was supposed to start at 1:30pm, and we came early to pick up our FM tickets. But many eels were already there to choose the best spots to see him. We had to take the 3rd floor to get unhindered view of him (thank God for the zooming power of our cameras ^^;; ) By noon, it was unbelievable how many people were there. If we thought our 3rd floor spot wasn’t too good, there were more fans on the 4th, 5th and 6th floor!
Some pics I took…
Anyway, he came late to the venue, around 2:30pm, and looked a bit pale (I heard he had stomachache or something?) The moment we heard screams near the exit door, we knew he’s already arrived. He went into his dressing room just behind the stage, and soon Jason, Gunsama and Eun Suk came out to check out the area. Gunsama and Jason were talking when suddenly that door opened and Keun Suk’s head popped out. So cute how he crooked his finger to Gunsama and the latter quickly went in (I squealed when I saw his head popped out and pressed my camera button a second too late… as the result, his head already disappeared into the dressing room again and I only got a half-opened door pic kkkkkk)
About 10 minutes later the fansign started. Keun Suk only said a short greeting before they proceed. And in super speed! 45 minutes later, only about 10 people were left in the autograph queue!  The whole thing were finished in 1 1/2 hour, I think.
Some things stood out for me during the fansign. First, when Let Me Cry started playing, I saw him singing along with it (oh, how I wish  were on the stage at that time to hear him sing it T_T). Second, there’s a lady bringing her son along and that little boy gave him a lollipop. He looked so surprised and full of pleasure when he saw it. He shook his hand, and then picked him up to stand on the table and hugged him! And OMD, what a smile… my hand chose that moment to shake and resulted in blur pic T_T There were also several eels who forgot to shake his hand/interlock fingers with him (there’s no way in hell they would refuse, right?) His hands were already in position and the eels were just walking away holding their signed poster in a daze and he had the cutest embarrassed laugh :P (oh, and I saw some people rolled up their posters and asked him to sign elsewhere, like Cri J magazine! Something you can’t do in SG I was told).  But if he still hugged some fans in SG, here he didn’t hug any but the very last one.
After he’s done with the fansign, I went to the 1st floor trying to locate his manager to ask him to pass my gift to Keun Suk, but what looked like a sea of people from 3rd floor really could drown someone. It was impossible to talk to his manager in that condition, and I quickly gave up the idea. Instead of being pushed and pulled, I opted to stay a little bit behind the people, just as long as I can see him, but then more people were coming in and soon I was in the middle of that sea anyway. I saw some fans climbed the barricade and pointed their camera above the partition to catch him whenever he’s going to his dressing room. And the security guard were like banging on the partition or move them suddenly to dislodge the cameras. What a scary battle ^^;;  And it’s even more scary when he tried to make his way to the exit door. The pushing, the guards’ yelling, the screaming of his name… omg, really appreciate how good his managers protected him… and really admire how he could still be smiling in such condition ^^;;

Source: Shiro401

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