Monday, 27 June 2011

Jplus4: sneak peak of Jplus Exhibition~!!

Hi cri~

This press conference is commemorate for JKS J Plus Photo Exhibition. It should start at 10:00 (10AM) (Japan time) however, I heard many eels had already lined up even from 20:00 (8PM) yesterday!

The ticket:

Poster and flyer:

The crowd: 

Not only eels, but medias too are taking position:

Inside the exhibition space:

List of goods (some are limited item) sold there:

Video of Japan TV news:


1# 1000 (one thousand) door ticket has already SOLD OUT! Lucky 200 advanced ticket holder will able to see the opening ceremony~

Source: lunajun + rin-sukkie + nekomusume + shiro + cat noir + ZIP0628

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