Saturday, 18 June 2011

Mission (Im)possible-answers to HOW TO?

Hi cri~
Last nite, Mission Impossible III aired in local Malaysian TV for n-th time. 
But, JKS also have its own Mission (Im)possible to be completed.

Check these~ All the answer for "HOW TO...."

#1 HOW TO wake up

#2 HOW TO read letter on bed :))

#3 HOW TO wrap yourself as a gift

#4 HOW TO wear sweat-shirt

#5 HOW TO use bath sponge

#6 HOW TO fold facial towel

#7 HOW TO take shower

errr...I want to skip this one,but I get many request to view it, LOLz :D

#8 HOW TO wash face

#9 HOW TO shave

#10 HOW TO end this with style

There you go, 10 steps to answer all your HOW TO in Mission (Im)possible with Jang Geun Suk~

Hehe,just for fun cri on Saturday evening ;)

Source: aitomatoai@weibo

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