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Fan Diary on YMP filming

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Lost Little Fish wrote about YMP Filming in her fan-diary, read them^^

A fan diary from Lost Little Fish dated 2 June 2011 from Korea as she tagged along to the filming set of “You’re my Pet”. YMP filming photos on Sina have been forbidden by their authors to be re-posted elsewhere until the release of the movie.

According to another fan, JKS was filming throughout the night of 1 June and on 2 June, he was still at the filming scene and catching up on his sleep during breaks. Heartache for this child. At the end of filming on 2 June, fans followed Suk to his car and a passer-by commented that the fans’ actions looked abnormal. Then this child said very loudly before he got into the car, “따라올때따라와라” ~ When you want to come/follow, please come! He’s consoling the fans and concerned that others said they were abnormal. Lastly, when he was in the car and told fans to be careful when going back home – very touching!

I never thought I’d be interested in a step-by-step account of an actor’s day of filming … but I’m interested in whatever Sukkie does. Happy reading!

From: Lost Little Fish on 2 June 2011

10.54 am: Saw Suk’s car. Continue to look for him.
10.58 am: Saw Suk’s filming crew. Two crews filming in one park.
11.02 am: Saw Suk waiting for his filming
11.06 am: Now 10 metres away from Suk
11.12 am: My handphone camera emits a sound when in operation. Don’t dare to take photo
11.21 am: Suk is asleep
11.31 am: Suk is wearing a blue top, dark green knee-length shorts and white sports shoes
11.35 am: This guy has yawned several times
11.44 am: Suk and another actor on the bridge. Don’t know what they’re saying
11.55 am: Filming crew told us not to take photo, so I’m not taking and will narrate for everyone
12.14 pm: Filming two of them running on the bridge
12.25 pm: Suk has already filmed the running-on-bridge part 3 times
12.30 pm: Preparing to run a 4th time
12.34 pm: Ran 5 times already
12.45 pm: End of running, filming the two talking on the bridge
12.56 pm: Suk is resting, the other actor’s turn to be filmed
12.57 pm: Suk in midst of touching up make-up
1.00 pm: The other actor exercises the minute he gets a break in order to make his muscles look better
1.03 pm: Suk looks very tired
1.06 pm: Suk looks like he has fallen asleep on the chair, he doesn’t move
1.13 pm: Suk gets up. Awake?
1.16 pm: Another shot of the two talking on the bridge, a long-range shot this time
1.17 pm: The 2nd long-range shot
1.18 pm: The 3rd long-range shot
1.19 pm: Tree-J worker holds umbrella to shield Suk
1.20 pm: The 4th shot – still NG
1.21 pm: Filming for the 5th time
1.21 pm: The two laughed – I wonder why
2.00 pm: Mid-day break. Change of filming spot but still here
2.11 pm: Suk’s car is on one side of the smelly drain. We are on the other side

2.25 pm: Suk was taking a photo next to the smelly drain just now
2.26 pm: He let his hair down
2.28 pm: Suk changed clothes – yellow T with pastel shorts
2.29 pm: We saw Suk in the village
2.32 pm: This is the village road that JKS walked on

2.41 pm: Suk must have gone for lunch, Ha-neul has come
2.44 pm: Suk must have gone for lunch with Ha-neul. Their cars left in the same direction. We ate at the hotel
3.47 pm: Is the venue changed? The filming crew’s car has left
4.04 pm: It’s the same place as that ring-searching scene in YAB, what a small world in Korea

4.09 pm: Think they changed filming venue. If we can’t find them after walking one round, we’ll leave
5.22 pm: Saw their filming crew but not Suk
5.24 pm: Saw Suk again, he’s changed back to that blue top
5.26 pm: Ha-neul is filming now, Suk is resting
5.29 pm: The script is on Suk’s legs
5.46 pm: Suk is asleep again
5.49 pm: Filming crew brought in a dog
5.51 pm: Looked at Suk closely for a whole day, he’s so thin, can even see the veins on his leg
5.52 pm: Filming dog scene
5.53 pm: Suk gets up to film
5.54 pm: Filming the scene where Suk chases the dog
5.59 pm: He has chased the dog 4 times already
6.03 pm: Preparing to chase the dog again
6.04 pm: Mobile phone is running low on battery, persist please
6.05 pm: Filming dog scene and playing with dog, Suk lets out a scream
6.10 pm: We accompany Suk back to his car
6.14 pm: Suk gets in car and says follow him if we want
6.14 pm: Suk finishes filming
6.15 pm: Tells us to be careful when going home

9.43 pm: Upon reflection, the appropriate translation of that sentence is, when we were following Suk to his car, there were more than 10 of Suk’s fans today, after a whole day, I was so dead tired. Saw his sleeping posture. Many passers-by saw us escorting Suk to his car. We remained calm. One man said “Strange” to us in passing. Suk heard it. When we were nearly at the car, he said “Follow me if you want to”, we all laughed. Korean fans gave presents. [He accepted an orange and a stamp (Translator’s note: don’t understand this sentence)]. I forgot to prepare

9.45 pm: We couldn’t see Suk anymore as he was in the car, but he called out to us to go home quickly and be careful. Several times, Suk walked past me and we exchanged glances, but I’m very calm now!

9.52 pm: Today at the filming scene, we saw no interaction between Ha-neul and Suk. When Suk had no filming, he sat on his chair. The crew prepared a board for him to lean against to sleep! This boy really falls asleep very quickly. He can sleep even for a few minutes!

9.55 pm: That dog has black fur on his body and white on his head

10.09 pm: My legs are about to break. That park is extraordinarily big and has a lake in the centre with a diameter of more than 4 km. Also, another actor in the crew kept staring at us, did we have anything dirty on our faces?

11.41 pm: We have missed the scene where the two of them are behaving intimately, thank goodness, if not we’ll be so depressed! Good that we missed it! Applause

Source: Lost Little Fish + weibo

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