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JKS Super Hectic Schedule

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Nate news wrote about JKS crazy schedule, read out~

This past few weeks, Jang Keun Suk's activities won't fit for a day schedule, not even if you extend the day to 30 hours. He is don't have a free time since The Cri Show started in Singapore back in April 2011, and he has been touring Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, and other countries including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Shanghai, China for the concert.

He held his Asia Tour known as The Cri Show to meet his fans all over Asia. The Cri Show is scheduled to end on July 9, 2011 with the last stop in Shanghai, China and his schedule is jam packed until then.

Tokyo Mart in Roppingi, Japan will have a Jang Keun Suk Festival on July 9 until August 5, 2011 and every week it will feature JKS' movies namely; Happy Life, Baby and Me, Crazy Waiting, Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do.  After JKS' performance for The Cri Show in Shangai, China, he will fly to Japan to participate in The Jang Keun Suk Festival, which is just one part of the various promotional tour lined up for him.
By the end of this month, June 2011, there will be an exhibition tour on four cities in Japan - Yokohoma, Osaka, Tokyo, and Roppongi. In July, the drama 'Gominam' will brodcast in TBS which was planned to be a memorial for his fan meeting.

As for his schedule in Korea, he is the male lead for the movie 'You're My Pet'. His travels from Seoul to various countries and locations abroad are in full swing.  There was even a moment when he traveled outside the country then to Seoul and back overseas, moving from places to places.
An official from his agency, Tree Company said, "early this year I have never stayed in one place in more than five days. Filming in the morning and returning in the evening then travel abroad for the Asian Tour Schedule"
He had truly emerged as a Star. (Biskuteel: Agreed 110% about this!!)

Source: Nate + Jaja (translator) + as tagged

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