Saturday, 11 June 2011

TeeRak7: Memoir of Bangkok!!~

Hi cri~

Although I missed Thailand Cri Show for a very strong reason, yet I still feel disappointed over what happen. Moreover, when I knew Bangkok captured great & funny memories~ See for yourself ^.~)

JKS message to Thai eels ^^

Sneak peak before Cri Show start~

e-Timeline of Live Update during Cri Show
(This was shared via SMS from SS Weng to Sheryl straight from Thailand^^)

3:29pm - He went clubbing at Demo. He left now.

11:30pm - He sang My Precious then I will promise you as encore wearing I love fan white shirt with Suni big doll

11:14pm - He sang Gotta Getcha twice and Shake it Shake it. They're showing videos of cri show backstage now. He came out again wearing blue see-through over white tank top

10:49pm - He watergunned us. hahaha... he brought Keunsama and let him dance. Now, it's Jason's turn. They're having a dance off

10:23pm - It's Lounge H time !!!

10:20pm - Fan Game is over. He gave autographed trading cards and gifts to the 3 winners. He hugged them all. He's singing Promise now.

9:58pm - He sang Hello Hello. Now, they're showing excerpts from You're Beautiful. Hwang Tae Kyung is up next ...

9:46pm - Showed excerpts from Marry Me, Mary then he sang My Bus. Being interviewed about Kang Mu Gyul
9:25pm - Showed pictures in Europe. They showed a picture of him in a pink sweater. They asked him something then he said, " Don't worry!! I love women. I'm not gay. "

9:17pm - JKS is doing interview now. Showed excerpts from Budapest Diary

8:56pm - JKS sang Let Me Cry. Then talked a bit. Now. He's singing Oh My Darling.

4:20pm - JKS left the hotel. He's on his way to rehearsals. He was wearing a white shirt with orange stripes.

Jason piggyback Sukkie, LOLz

Thai eels cri-project!!

JKS @ NARZ Pub, Bangkok!

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