Friday, 10 June 2011

Moving here :)

Hi cri~

Welcome to my second home.

My old's blog is officially inactive. However, I will not close that blog as it brings so many great memory, and I treasure all of it.

I've tried to import all my previous posts here,unfortunately there was an error and blogspot help center somehow didn't manage to solve it.

However, I look it in a different perspective. If I manage to transfer all my previous posts, there might be possibility where I would 100% abandoned my old blog. Thus in a good way, blogspot just doesn't want me to forget my old-beloved-blog :) And you too can always refer to that blog.

In my new blog, I include some new features such as shout box and you can also become my blog's follower. Just click Follow icon and you can follow my updates from your favorite Social Site such as Facebook, Twitter and etc.

I do hope you enjoy being here as much as I do.

Biskuteel's Editor

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