Friday, 10 June 2011

TeeRak1: Off to Bangkok!!

Hi cri~
The beat is back. The music is rocking again and this time it will be in Bangkok!!! YAAAAAAAAYY!!
Earlier days, JKS schedule in Thailand has been released:
(FYI: Big Brother (Kurt) went to Bangkok a day earlier^^)
And I also heard that 411ent had done a very impressive job making everything is well organized so far. So, that's a good sign for Thailand!! You can catch up all updates about CRISHOW in Thailand under the sub-category 2011 THAILAND CRI SHOW^^
And also, I found this lovely fanmade banner:
So, no further due, let's spoil our eyes with all great photos shared by eels whom send JKS off at the airport^^
And watch video of his departure here
JKS looks good with his casual dress all in black and he is smiling the whole time!!! :D
While in Bangkok,eels and medias are starting to fill in all empty spot in the airport. A white limousine is getting ready and few vans will escort the Prince to hotel
As he arrives..........
You probably been wondering how wild last night was, well, wonder no more, because there are few video shared by our kind heart eels.

Click video#1 or video#2 or video#3 or video#4 to watch^^

Cookies for eels:
#1 JKS wave to almost all of his awaiting fans at airport with wide smile. Making everyone so captivated by him :D
#2 JKS greet his Sunbae (from HYU) upon seeing him.
#3 JKS has new nick now. If you come across a word Tee Rak and there's a photo of JKS there, fret not. JKS didn't change his name, keke...but that was his nickname given for him while he's in Thailand now.
#4 Tee Rak means Boyfriend
(Thus please alert that,my next entry will be tittle TeeRak2, TeeRak3 and TeeRak etc.. keke :D :D)

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